RGPS Bossier City Main Event End of Day 1A Chip Counts

First Name Last Name Chip Count
Todd Smith 343,000
Ashley Hine 249,000
Joe Simmons 226,000
Michelle Wolkomir 222,000
Derrick Contreras 133,000
Logan Hoover 124,000
Matthew Register 119,000
Cameron Douglas 118,000
Dewayne Warner 107,000
Jacob Seale 100,000
Chip Neighbors 95,000
Pedro Contreras 92,000
Bart Bogard 88,000
Anin Fontana 85,000
Jamie Kerstetter 81,000
Jeff Wyatt 73,500
Chung Chin Chen 64,000
Van Tuan 62,000
Michael Sampognaro 61,000
Glen Goldsmith 58,000
Rodney Sermons 49,000
Richard Couron 43,000
Cory Asbill 42,000
Mina Greco 24,000
Chris Lovelace 23,000
Cory Bermea 21,000
Eric Rivkin 20,000
Alan Misenheimer 18,000
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