RGPS OLD WEST COUNCIL BLUFFS: Pitstick's tale from short stack to in the money

Level 17 (8,000/4,000/8,000)

Total Entrants: 330

Players remaining: 27

Chip Average: 244,444

Among those still remaining with only 27 players remaining in Josh Pitstick. It wasn't an easy road for him to get into the money. By Level 8 he was down to only 6,900 chips after two bad beats.

That included getting pocket Aces cracked by Doc Hanson, who held K-5. Making Day 2 didn't look possible, but a bit of luck turned his way.

"My kids sent me a video saying good luck," he says. "My whole day turned around after that."

Pitstick now has over 200,000 as players battle it out at the last three tables.

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