RGPS USA Bossier City DeepStack FLT A Chip Counts

12PM $180 RG DeepStack FLT A
Entries: 196
First Name Last Name Chip Count
Jamshid Gholamhosseini 228,000
Logan Hewett 161,500
Bonnie Weitzel 160,000
Desmond Scott 150,500
Roscoe Bennett 135,500
William Barnes 134,500
Richard Morris 129,500
Lonny Weitzel 127,000
Julie Fine 124,000
Jeff Kester 122,500
Danny Burks 119,500
Steve Simpson 112,000
Conrad Coppedge 104,000
Jeff Wyatt 96,000
Jeremy Jerry 95,500
James Thurman 94,500
David Daniels 94,500
Timpson Richard 76,000
Tuan Dae Le 72,500
Thomas Bowler 66,500
Lane LeBlanc 65,900
Michelle Wolkomir 62,500
Terry Griffith 59,000
Ray Henson 58,000
David Bryan 48,500
William Philipp 46,500
Daniel Roop 42,000
Laurence Dilday 41,000
Danny Cummings 40,000
Danny Kell 38,000
Brian Jones 32,500
Kenneth Bowie 26,500
John Moon 23,000
Pai Meekins 17,000
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