Level 8 (500/1000/1000)
Total Entrants: 86

John "Cracker" Reynolds (pictured) is a bit of a legend in the poker circles of Green Country and beyond. But if you're among the uninitiated, let us give you some back story. Reynolds was, and arguably still is, a pool enthusiast. Both before and after losing a leg in an accident, Reynolds competed on the pool circuit, having his name and image appear among the pages of the leading industry news magazine, Stroke.

Reynolds shifted his focus after the accident from pool to poker, where he has been equally competitive and successful. Reynolds finished third in the inaugural RunGood Poker Series event in 2014 at Downstream for $19,319--just one of many deep runs which contributed to his $401,937 in career tournament winnings.

What you may not know is Reynolds also worked as a poker columnist and coach through Pocket Fives going back to 2012, in an effort to analyze and improve his own play as well as to coach less skilled players. All this under the handle of Cracker9ball.

Reynolds begins Level 8 of today's flight with roughly a starting stack of 20,000. Despite the slow start, Reynolds is always a strong contender and a threat to run deep.

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