Level 14 (3000/5000/5000)
Total Entrants: 88
Players Remaining: 11

Day 1A of the Route 66 Poker Open came to an end with 26:36 remaining in Level 14, almost two levels short of the 15 originally scheduled, following the elimination of Jace Hartis. The remaining 11 players will return on Sunday at noon to play down to a winner, along with the survivors from Day 1B, which will begin at noon on Saturday.

Jeremy Moore (pictured) maintained the chip lead from Level 9 to the end of play, bagging up 378,000 to take with him into Day 2. He did it through a combination of thin value bets and bluff catching, as well as catching lucky when he needed to.

Here are the official end-of-day chip counts:

Jeremy Moore - 378,000
Eric Quandt - 207,000
Larry Trimble - 201,000
Rob Lemke - 168,000
Todd Tucker - 154,000
Bill Sanders - 139,000
Tricia Wu - 137,000
Jeff Martin - 115,000
Stan Breedlove - 109,000
Brock Wedman - 96,000
Jeremy Rodriquez - 65,000

Players who ran deep but were eliminated in the late going included Matt Ellis, John McMahon, Jonathan Wilson, Terry Presley, Brady Robbins, and Papa Karn.

The RunGood Live Reporting team will be back tomorrow to bring you all the action from Flight B of the Route 66 Poker Open at the Hard Rock, starting at noon Saturday. Join us at the tables or on the blog!

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