ROUTE 66 POKER OPEN BY RUNGOOD EVENTS (DAY 1A): Official Numbers, Chip Leaders

Level 9 (600/1200/1200)
Total Entrants: 88
Players Remaining: 27

Just 27 players remain from a total of 88 entries into Day 1A. The official prize pool currently stands at $28,160, with Day 1B to add to that total tomorrow.

Chip leader Jeremy Moore (pictured) started Level 9 strong by coming from behind with live cards against two opponents in a three-way all-in. We missed the early action and arrive at the table with Brady Robbins all in for around 9,000. Moore called to put Robbins at risk, but Johnny Johnson shoved all-in over the top for around 36,000. Moore called it off and the hands were turned up.

Robbins - A♠K♥
Johnson - 8♠8♥
Moore - Q♠T♠

Moore took the lead on a flop of J♦T♣5♥, but the 9♦ on the turn gave both opponents additional outs in the form of straight draws. None of them arrived, however, when the 3♣ completed the board.

Moore has a comfortable lead with 198,000 chips. The top 10 stacks in the room are:

Jeremy Moore - 198,000
Matt Ellis - 135,000
Rob Lemke - 129,000
Todd Tucker - 120,500
Jeremy Rodriguez - 106,300
Bill Sanders - 87,000
Nikhil Behl - 81,000
Jeff Martin - 80,000
Jonathan Wilson - 77,800
Stan Breedlove - 76,000

Other notables still in contention include Papa Karn (48,000), Terry Presley (61,000), and Larry Trimble (60,600).

Play is scheduled to continue through Level 15, though the Tournament director may halt play earlier if the field dwindles to 11 players remaining.

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