ROUTE 66 POKER OPEN BY RUNGOOD EVENTS (DAY 1A): 'Stache Gets Shaved, Bags Come Out

Level 14 (3000/5000/5000)
Total Entrants: 88
Players Remaining: 11

The tournament clock has been stopped with 26:36 remaining in Level 14 following the elimination of Jace Hartis (pictured). Bill Sanders opened from middle position to 14,000 and Hartis moved all-in for 53,500. Sanders took some time before committing the chips to call.

Hartis - K♣Q♣
Sanders - J♦T♥

Hartis is ahead but at risk. The flop is a landslide for Sanders when it comes A♥J♠J♥. Hartis needs running kings or running queens to win, or running aces to survive via a chop. Hartis's hopes come to an end with the 3♦ on the turn. A meaningless 4♣ completes the board and Hartis hits the rail.

Bill Sanders - 139,000
Jace Hartis - Eliminated

With this elimination, the remaining 11 players are bagging up their chips for a return on Sunday at noon for Day 2, where they will be joined by the surviving players from flight B, set to kick off at noon on Saturday.

We're tallying the official end-of-day chip counts and will bring you a recap shortly.

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