ROUTE 66 POKER OPEN BY RUNGOOD EVENTS (DAY 1B): Cone Zone! Beware of Don Key

Level 7 (400/800/800)
Total Day 1B Entrants: 200


Approaching a table where a middle position shorter stack had three-bet an opening early position raiser, Cory Smith removes his caution cone from atop his stack. Setting it down next to his stack, he then quickly over-shoves from the hi-jack. After the early raiser swiftly folds Smith and his all-in opponent table their hands.

Smith - AJx
Opponent - 10♣10♠

A jack on the flop puts Smith in the lead. An ace on the turn leaves the all-in drawing to two red tens. A meaningless 4 gives Smith the knockout.

"Don Key" to those who know him, Smith boost his stack to 49,000.

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