ROUTE 66 POKER OPEN BY RUNGOOD EVENTS (DAY 2): Ed Werre Eliminated in 18th Place ($1,111)

Level 17 (5000/10000/10000)
Total Entries: 310
Players Remaining: 17
Average Stack: 364,706

Jeremy Rodriguez opens the pot for 30,000. Ha Tran and Ed Werre (pictured, center) call. The flop comes 7♠4♠3♣. The action checks to Rodriguez, who continues for 35,000. Tran folds and Werre check-raises to 75,000. Rodriguez immediately moves all-in for around 300,000. Werre has roughly the same amount in his chip stack and takes some time to mull over his decision. After some time in the tank, Werre moves his remaining chips across the line and into the pot.

Rodriguez - A♠A♣
Werre - 6♠6♣

Werre needs a five or a six to hit the board to overcome Rodriguez's aces. The turn pairs the board with the 4♦, and the river is the K♣.

When the stacks are counted down, Werre has just 5,000 chips left--exactly what he needs to post the small blind.

In Werre's final hand of the tournament, Ha Tran opens to 25,000 and Quentin Crossley calls in the big blind. The flop comes Q♥J♥J♠. Crossley check-folds to Tran's continuation bet and the hands are turned up.

Tran - A♠6♠
Werre - 5♥4♦

The board completes 6♦7♣, and Werre goes out in 18th place, earning a $1,111 payday.

Ha Tran - 790,000
Jeremy Rodriguez - 710,000
Quinton Crossley - 560,000
Ed Werre - Eliminated

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