ROUTE 66 POKER OPEN BY RUNGOOD EVENTS (DAY 2): Frank McKeon Eliminated in 14th Place ($1,419)

Level 19 (10000/15000/15000)
Total Entries: 310
Players Remaining: 13
Average Stack: 476,923

We missed the action while recording the 15th place bustout, but Frank McKeon (pictured, left) has been eliminated by Jonathan Wilson in 14th place. Wilson was kind enough to recount the action for us.

According to Wilson, McKeon shoved all-in for 120,000 over Wilson's 35,000-chip open. When the action folded back to Wilson, he called.

Wilson - AxJx
McKeon - KxQx

McKeon paired his queen on the flop, but the turn and river brought running aces to improve Wilson to trips.

McKeon is gone in 14th place and collected $1,419 from the prize pool.

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