ROUTE 66 POKER OPEN BY RUNGOOD EVENTS (DAY 2): Rob Lemke Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,885)

Level 20 (10000/20000/20000)
Total Entries: 310
Players Remaining: 9
Average Stack: 688,889

Dax Alexander opens from early position and the action folds around to Rob Lemke (pictured) in the cutoff.  Lemke moves all-in, Alexander snap calls.

Lemke - A♥10♠
Alexander - A♣J♦

All in for his tournament life, Lemke finds himself dominated. The dealer spreads Q♦5♦6♠. Alexander pairs his jack on the turn and hits another on the river to eliminate Lemke.

Lemke finishes in 10th place, earning $1,885.