On Friday, December 14, RunGood's President & CEO, Tana Karn, appeared on PokerGO's Friday Night Poker show on Facebook's Stadium platform. The 4-hour show is a live stream of a $5/$10+$10 BB Ante NLHE cash game played in PokerGO's Las Vegas studio at the Aria Resort & Casino.

Karn was joined on the felt by Matt Stout, Justin Young, Eli Elezra, Frank Kassela, Christian Soto, and Delphine Szwarc. The live commentary was provided by Jeff Platt, Brent Hanks, and Amanda Leatherman, along with a sizeable contingent of RGPS players in the chat.

The minimum buy-in for the game was $500, with no maximum. Karn bought in for $1,500, with the other players on stacks of up to $5,000. Right out of the gate, the players agreed to show one card after winning a hand, and they also put on a $100 side bet for the seven-deuce game--any player who managed to win a hand holding seven-deuce would receive an additional $100 from each opponent (for a $600 bonus). Later in the show, they added a small blind jackpot to the game.

Karn mixed up his play throughout the show, alternating between trapping and value-betting. For those who missed the live stream, the show is available on demand here. And if you don't have four hours to watch the complete broadcast, we've put together an index of Karn's hands and highlights, which is shown below.

Poker Central and the RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) have entered into a partnership for our 2019 season tour with streaming service PokerGO to provide tournament participants an opportunity to play on an upcoming episode of the legendary series Poker After Dark. Click here for more details.

Time Index
Hole Cards Description
0:01:45 - Tana Karn's introduction.
0:03:00 Q7 Stout raises to $40, and in the big blind Karn says, "I've already got some out there, I can't fold now."
0:07:00 Q♠Q Karn slowplays a big pair against Elezra.
0:19:20 A♣8♣ Karn calls a $30 raise from Soto to see a flop.
0:22:10 A♠A Versus Elezra again.
0:30:20 - Chip stack update (TK: -$670)
0:30:40 A4♠ $20 unraised straddle pot with Karn in the small blind.
0:39:57 J3 Closing the action in the big blind, Karn says, "I'm pot committed now."
0:43:50 97 Karn sees a flop with the one-gapper in the small blind.
0:45:20 - RunGood Poker Series Showbound gets a spotlight.
0:45:50 Q9 Karn calls on the button to an early raise.
1:02:50 7♥6 Connected cards in the small blind.
1:04:00 - Chip stack update (TK: EVEN)
1:08:00 AA♣ Aces in the cutoff (pictured).
1:12:00 7♠2 Going for the $600 bonus.
1:20:35 KT♣ Seeing a flop from the big blind.
1:22:12 63 Calling the straddle in the small blind.
1:24:40 7♠7♣ Flats in the cutoff vs. an open from Szwarc.
1:31:30 A5 Multi-way pot from under-the-gun.
1:35:05 - Chip stack update (TK: -$315)
1:35:32 K♦8 Calls in the big blind to close the action.
1:39:00 Q9♠ Completing in the small blind in a multi-way limped pot.
1:40:20 T9♠ Elezra raises in the hijack and Karn calls in the cutoff.
1:42:55 72♠ Three-betting to $120 for a possible $600 bonus.
1:45:50 98 Raising with the suited-connectors from under-the-gun.
1:52:25 - Tana tells a Dad joke.
1:54:20 T♣8♠ Bluffing with the worst hand.
2:01:20 AK Out of position and slowplaying versus Young.
2:03:20 - Chip stack update (TK: -$415)
2:22:15 AA♣ Aces in the cutoff vs Young.
2:23:50 K♣J Some background on RunGoodGear, and paint in the hijack.
2:29:30 Q♠3 Calls an open from the big blind vs. Kassela.
2:32:25 J♣T Six-way pot in the small blind.
2:35:07 J6 Loose open in the cutoff. (Also includes a Ted Forshey chat highlight.)
2:41:42 - The players start a small blind jackpot, which is explained.
2:42:50 K♠7 In the small blind, with the jackpot in play, Elezra says, "If everybody folds, I'm going to shove." Karn says, "Man, how do I fold?"
2:50:15 - Chris Moneymaker joins the chat to root for Tana.
3:00:20 44 Set mining in a four-way pot.
3:03:10 K♠J Calls in position.
3:08:00 K♣9♣ Three-bet pot with five players to the flop.
3:11:30 - Chip stack update (TK: +$75)
3:12:40 - The Council Bluffs Fireball story.
3:17:50 AQ♠ Three-bet in position.
3:20:00 Q♠J♠ Flatting Elezra's open for $30 in position.
3:23:00 9♠9 Middle pair, under-the-gun.
3:26:00 - Chip stack update (TK: -$570)
3:30:50 K8♠ On the button.
3:32:25 - Karn's first poker experience.
3:33:00 A♦Q Slowplaying a big ace, Young three-bets and gets four callers.
3:35:10 A♠K♠ Four-bet all-in pre.
3:41:00 QJ Limps in from under-the-gun.
3:43:00 6♠5♣ A raise and two callers, Karn calls in the big blind, saying, "Why not?"
3:46:45 72♠ Three-bet vs. Elezra with position, going for the bonus.
3:51:30 - Chip stack update (TK: +$400)
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