RUNGOOD DOWNSTREAM MAIN EVENT (DAY 1A): Ingram catches Lowery speeding

Level 3 (100/200) - Currently on break
Day 1A Entrants: 120

During the break, Springfield, Missouri, native Askia Ingram (pictured), who won the Hold'em/Omaha tournament earlier this week for $3,600relayed to us a hand from early in Level 3. 

Ingram opened for 600 in middle position with K♥4♦ and picked up five callers. The flop came K♣J♣Q♦. The action checked to Ingram, who continued for 1,500. Two players called, including RG Pro Daniel Lowery in late position.

The turn brought the 9♦ to put a four-card straight on the board. Ingram chose to represent it by leading the turn for 4,000. One player folded and Lowery min-raised to 8,000. Ingram called.

The river was the A♣ and Ingram checked it to Lowery who shoved for his last 12,000. Ingram says of all the players at his table, he knew Lowery was capable of bluffing on this board and called.

Lowery tabled J♦6♥ for a worse pair and Ingram dragged the 48,000-chip pot.

Ingram - 48,000

Lowery - busted

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