RUNGOOD DOWNSTREAM MAIN EVENT (DAY 1A): Ingram Leads, Lowery second

Level 7 (100/400/800)
Day 1A Entrants: 150
Players remaining: 74
Average chips: 40,540

With registration to Flight A closed, each pot won or lost matters just a little more. Askia Ingram (pictured) has overtaken the chip lead while Daniel Lowery has dropped back a little from his peak in Level 5.

Here is the current leaderboard:

Askia Ingram - 225,000
Daniel Lowery - 135,000
Grant Illig - 130,000
Bryant Lipscomb - 95,000
Rodney Spriggs - 95,000
Greg Jennings - 85,000

Stay with us as we report the big hands and follow the chip lead throughout the remainder of the flight, including Flight B when it begins at 6 p.m. 

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