RUNGOOD DOWNSTREAM MAIN EVENT (DAY 1A): Lowery scores a knockout; Scarsdale doubles through Yusuf

Level 5 (50/200/400)
Day 1A Entrants: 136

With an hour left in the re-entry period, both the stacks and the action are ramping up. At Daniel Lowery's table, we arrive to see a flop already spread of 5♣T♠3♦. Three players have cards and Lowery bets out 3,900 into them. One player calls and the other folds.

The turn is the 2♦, and Lowery leads again on the small side for 4,000. His opponent, who has approximately 12,000 left, makes the call. The river brings the Q♣ and this time Lowery bets 8,000. His opponent calls all-in and Lowery delivers the bad news:  6♠4♥ for a turned straight.

Lowery is the first player to cross the 100k mark and is far and away the chip leader.

Lowery - 142,000


Elsewhere in the field we come upon William "Mike" Scarsdale moving all in from the big blind for 6,600 over the top of Shem Yusuf's 800 open on the button.  Yusuf calls and the hands are turned up:

Yusuf - A♠5♥

Scarsdale - A♦3♦

Most of the time this matchup results in a chopped pot, but this time the board runs out 8♠8♣Q♠3♥2♥, giving Scarsdale the pot.

Scarsdale - 14,000

Yusuf - 52,000

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