RunGood Ambassadors at the 50th Annual WSOP

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The 50th Annual World Series of Poker Main Event is in full sprint in Las Vegas, Nevada with RunGood Ambassador Bryan Campanello bagging up the Day 1A chip lead with 417,500. With nearly all of the RunGood team in Vegas competing for bracelets, we thought it might be fun to highlight a few.

Chris Conrad - Twitter: @fsuconrad

Chris Conrad made the trek from Peachtree City, Georgia to Las Vegas for his first event of the summer, the $500 BIG 50 NLH, only to find himself playing in a storage room. Unfazed, he went out 1,130th out of a field of 28,371. Conrad went on to make the final table of the $1K PLO event, going out in seventh. The two-time WSOPC ring winner has accumulated $750,198 in lifetime WSOP/WSOPC winnings, with his first final table of the summer adding $31,130 to that total.

Sidenote: There are a handful of players at this summer's WSOP named Chris Conrad. For the record, the WSOP database has the RG Ambassador listed as Christopher Conrad. (In other words, the Chris Conrad who busted on Day 1A of the Main Event was someone else.)

Lexy Gavin - Twitter: @ChipTrick11

Lexy Gavin of Long Beach, New York is one of the latest additions to the RG team. Best known for her work as the VP of marketing for the non-profit organization Charity Series of Poker, Gavin has claimed $107,811 in WSOP/WSOPC prize money. While her WSOP resume only goes back to 2015, she has been tearing through the fields this summer with eight cashes for a combined $40,146 in winnings. Her best finish was a final table appearance at the $1K NLH Ladies event. She also spent some time on the feature table during Day 1A of the Main Event, broadcast on ESPN2. Unfortunately, Gavin's good run didn't extend to the Main Event as she busted before the bags came out.

Ray Henson - Twitter: @ray_henson

Houston, Texas resident Ray Henson is no stranger to Vegas summers. He earned a payday of $308,761 back in 2015 for finishing third in the $565 Colossus NLH event, but not even that is his biggest lifetime cash. Henson just missed a Main Event final table in 2007 when he went out twelfth, collecting a consolation prize of $476,926. In all, Henson holds four WSOPC championship rings for a combined $1,848,377 in WSOP/WSOPC tournament winnings, but a bracelet is still on his bucket list.

Henson is once again grinding it out on the desert felt this summer, with an impressive seven cashes and $27,901 in combined winnings.

Chance Kornuth - Twitter: @ChancesCards

RunGood Ambassaor and Chip Leader Coaching co-founder Chance Kornuth started off his summer with a splash, finishing sixth for $251,128 in the $50K NLH High Roller, but he bested that with a fourth-place finish in the $10K Short Deck NLH event just three days later. Kornuth pulled in a handful of smaller cashes in June, and will be looking for another deep run in the Main Event.

The two-time bracelet winner has collected $1,841,465 in WSOP events going back to 2010.

As the Main Event of the WSOP in Las Vegas progresses, we'll bring you further updates on the RunGood Ambassadors who reach Day 2 and beyond.


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RGPS Bossier City Horseshoe Main Event: Todd Smith Leads Day 1A

Todd Smith won a huge hand toward the end of Day 1A to secure the chip lead (343,000) moving forward into Day 2. He had queens on an eight-high board and got it in three ways.

He leads the final 28 players who are bagging the first of three flights in the Run Good Poker Series $575 Main Event. Day 1A drew 133 entries. There are two more flights Saturday at noon and at 7 p.m.

Run Good Ambassadors Chris Conrad and Ray Henson will be queuing up for the next flights after failing to make it through Day 1A. Meanwhile, Jamie Kerstetter (81,000) and Mina Greco (24,000) booked their tickets to the Day 2 restart Sunday at noon.

Mason Hinkle, also known to some in the poker world as Uncle Ron, Chris Horter, Kris Burchfield, and Ben Mintz all failed to bag the first starting flight and will likely join the field at some point during Days 1B and 1C. All the updates will be right here on all weekend as the RGPS moves one step closer to crowning its next Main Event champion, and sending ten more players to the Showbound satellite in Tulsa for a shot at playing on Poker After Dark.

Daniel Stone Bags For the Second Time, Finishes With Day 1c Lead

Daniel Stone

Daniel Stone bagged Day 1a but decided to fire again today and ended up with 96,300 and the Day 1c chip lead. His original stack was 56,700.

That brings the total number of players advancing to Day 2 to 39 players. There were 47 entries in Day 1c which is a big number considering the flight started with only 13 players.

With a total of 159 players, the Run Good Poker Series Global Championship Main Event is paying $25,238 to first along with an added $10,000 Vegas Seat.

Some of the normal Run Good crowd are through, but some of them failed to advance after several attempts. Most notably, Dan Lowery and Chris Conrad who both were eliminated shortly before the end of play in Day 1c.

Dan "Wretchy" Martin (67,000) bagged in Day 1c as did his girlfriend Jana Mangimelli who bagged 90,600 finding her first-ever tournament bag.

Eric Bunch (83,800) will join his wife Lauren Bunch, who will enter Day 2 as the overall chip leader with 138,500.

Below is a list of the players advancing from Day 1c. You can follow all the action when play resumes right here on and on Twitter.

Daniel Stone - 96,300 James Devaney - 95,200
Ron Miller - 94,600 Jana Mangimelli - 90,600
Eric Bunch - 83,800 Kelly Vande Mheen - 69,600
La-La - 69,000 John Heckenkamp - 67,700
Dan Martin - 67,000 Mary Fowler - 60,800
Robert Shuptrine - 60,000 Jon Bennett - 51,200
Eric Thompson - 34,400

Chris Conrad Doubles Through Derrick Contreras

Chris Conrad doubled through Derrick Contreras and decided to record the result for your viewing pleasure.

Conrad had 9♣ 9♥ against the A♦ Q♦ of Contreras. Clint Tolbert makes a guest appearance in his newly-acquired gear from the ship's stop in Jamaica. Check out the tweet below to see the video.





Conrad Wins Three-Way Pot

Chris Conrad

Ronny Smith limps under the gun and Lauren Bunch raises to 700. Blair Hinkle calls behind before Chris Conrad three-bets to 2,700. Smith calls and Bunch folds. 

Hinkle moves all in and Conrad and Smith both call. Hinkle has both players well covered but has the worst of it with 8♣ 8♥. Conrad has Q♥ Q♣ and Smith has T♠ T♣.

The board runs out J♥ 3♥ 2♥ 2♠ K♣ and Conrad wins the main pot, while Smith wins the side pot against Hinkle.

Smith is on his first-ever cruise with his wife Lori. They are from Bridgeport, TX.

Chris Conrad - 29,000
Ronny Smith - 39,000
Blair Hinkle - 24,000

May 17, 2018

Posted in Chris Conrad, Dan Martin

Dan Martin Shoves on Chris Conrad

Dan "Wretchy" Martin

The board reads K♥ K♠ Q♠ and Chris Conrad checks to Dan "Wretchy" Martin AKA Caribbean Chard. He bets 1,200 into the 4,500 pot and Conrad calls.

The turn is the 6♦ and Conrad check calls another 1,600.

"Why so much?" he asks before calling.

The river is the T♠ and Conrad checks a third time. Martin moves all in for about 13,200.

"You rebuy yet?" Conrad asks Martin as he contemplates his next move.

He asks the table how long he should wait to slow roll and the consensus is 40 seconds. Conrad waits about that long, joking back and forth with Martin, and eventually folds.

Martin shows the K♦.

Dan Martin - 24,000
Chris Conrad - 16,500

Phil Weast Bags Day 1a Chip Lead in RGPS Global Championship

Papa Karn advances to Day 2 with 69,400

A relatively quick Day 1a is in the books and Phil Weast is on top of 13 players who will advance to Day 2 on Friday evening at 7:30 p.m.

The opening flight of the Run Good Poker Series Global Championship Main Event saw 53 entries and a good mix of Run Good regulars as well as Card Player Cruisers has moved on to Day 2.

Weast kicked off a nice run after busting Kelly Vande Mheen. Weast went on to bag 137,400 but did not finish too far ahead of Shawn Sparks (131,500) and Scott Buller (123,900).

Sparks earned the elimination that stopped play when he sent Jane Johnson home a tad bit early after flopping an ace against Johnson who missed a gut-shot straight draw and was eliminated.

Buller had a pretty big stack early in the tournament and bounced around a little before finally settling into third place for Day 1a.

Chris Conrad was eliminated just before the last level of play when he got all in in a three-way pot. He lost to Reba Wright who had pocket tens against the T♣ 9♣ of Conrad. Fellow Run Good Ambassador Dan Lowery ran up a big stack early and eventually found himself drawing very thin against Lauren Bunch when she flopped a flush. Bunch would exit shortly after when she had the nut flush against Shane Fuller's full house. Bunch's husband, Eric also failed to qualify for Day 2 during this flight. Grant Hinkle, Sam Panzica, and Derrick Contreras also failed to qualify for Day 2.

Papa Karn bagged 69,400 after an intriguing spot facing a shove from Justin Gardenhire. Karn opened on the button and Phil Weast called. Gardenhire shoved and Karn folded before Weast called and both players chopped the pot with ace-jack. Karn finished the day in night place of the remaining 13.

Here are the chip counts for the players who advanced from Day 1a:

Phil Weast - 137,400 Shawn Sparks - 131,500
Scott Buller - 123,900 Neil Peters - 104,400
Cody Pack - 101,300 Reba Wright - 75,900
Shane Fuller - 74,600 Justin Gardenhire - 70,000
Papa Karn - 69,400 Daniel Stone - 56,700
Charles Bass - 47,900 Donald Lazenby - 38,400
Cash Carpenter - 30,500


Day 1b will start Thursday 7:30 p.m. and all the updates will be right here on