Shawn Sparks Wins Inaugural RGPS Global Championship ($21,417)

Shawn Sparks Wins RGPS Global Championship

Shawn Sparks is the winner of the first-ever Run Good Poker Series Global Championship.

He won a massive pot and knocked out two players when he was the third person all in against Eric Bunch and Shane Fuller. Sparks hit a queen on the river to win the pot and eliminate both Bunch and Fuller and take the chip lead four-handed.

He entered the day as the chip leader and managed to earn himself the most money once Lauren Bunch was eliminated in fourth place. Sparks, Tim Krisher and John Heckenkamp found themselves with fairly even stacks and decided to chop three ways, but throw Sparks a little more for holding the chip lead.

Sparks bested a field of 159 players who had three starting flights to qualify for Day 2. The final table resumed today with seven players and the tournament went almost two whole levels before the first elimination.

After Lauren Bunch doubled twice in a row, Cash Carpenter doubled as well, but eventually fell in seventh place after getting pocket tens in against Heckenkamp's aces.

Fuller and Bunch would be next to go shortly after Carpenter hit the rail and Lauren Bunch followed soon after in fourth place.

Sparks takes home $21,417 and the specially-made Run Good chip set and case, while Heckenkamp and Krisher each take home $20,416.

Left to right: Tim Krisher, Shawn Sparks, and John Heckenkamp

This is Sparks second recorded cash. Earlier this year, he won $13,284 and a WSOP circuit ring in a $365 No-Limit Hold'em ring event at the March 2018 WSOP Circuit stop in Tulsa, OK.

Below is a list of the full payouts:

Payouts Name Prize
1st Shawn Sparks $21,417
2nd John Heckenkamp $20,416
3rd Tim Krisher $20,416
4th Lauren Bunch $8,258
5th Eric Bunch $6,160
6th Shane Fuller $4,675
7th Cash Carpenter $3,608
8th Justin Gardenhire $2,830
9th Brandon Butler $2,257
10th Scott Buller $1,828
11th Robert Shuptrine $1,828
12th Jules Cornelius $1,828
13th Eric Thompson $1,505
14th Neil Peters $1,505
15th Cody Pack $1,505
16th Grant Hinkle $1,258
17th Ron Miller $1,258
18th Blair Hinkle $1,258


That's a wrap for the tournament poker portion of the RGPS Global Championship cruise, but there is still a whole day on the ship for the Run Good Crew to celebrate a successful season. You can follow the fun on Twitter and make sure you join us for our next, currently unscheduled, cruise!

Shane Fuller (6th-$4,675) and Eric Bunch (5th-$6,160) Eliminated

Shane Fuller - 6th place

Shane Fuller goes all in for 98,000 and Eric Bunch goes all in behind for 264,000. Shawn Sparks is next to act and gets a count of the biggest stack. Sparks goes all in for over 1-million.

He has A♥ Q♥ against the A♦ 5♠ of Fuller and 8♦ 8♥ of Bunch.

Eric Bunch - 5th place

The board runs out J♣ 5♣ 2♣ K♥ Q♠ and Sparks fist pumps when the queen hits. He eliminates both Bunch and Fuller. Fuller finishes in sixth place and Bunch finishes in fifth place.

Shawn Sparks - 1,700,000
Eric Bunch - Eliminated in 5th Place $6,160
Shane Fuller - Eliminated in 6th Place $4,675

May 19, 2018

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Cash Carpenter Doubles Through Eric Bunch


Cash Carpenter moves all in for 137,000 and Eric Bunch calls behind.

Carpenter shows 6♠ 5♠ and Bunch shows A♠ Q♣.

"If you're going to make a flush, just flop it," says Bunch

The flop comes 8♥ 7♠ 4♦.

"Or flop a straight."

The turn is the 6♦ and the river is the 8♠. Carpenter doubles up.

Cash Carpenter - 285,000
Eric Bunch - 520,000

May 19, 2018

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John Heckenkamp Joins the Double Up Club

John Heckenkamp shoves all in for 93,000 and Eric Bunch calls.

Heckenkamp has J♣ T♥ against the A♦ 5♠ of Bunch.

The board runs out Q♥ 9♠ 8♥ A♣ 3♦ and Heckenkamp flops a straight for no sweat at all to double up.

John Heckenkamp - 200,000
Eric Bunch - 580,000

Shawn Sparks Leads the Final 7 Into the Final Day of the RGPS Global Championship

Shawn Sparks

Shawn Sparks leads the final seven players in the Run Good Poker Series Global Championship. He bagged 821,000 and Eric Bunch is close behind with 719,000.

The final seven players started Day 2 at 7:30 with 31 other players and worked there way into the money and then some.

Reba Wright was the bubble, finishing 19th after Eric Bunch turned trip fives and dodged Wright's flush draw. Blair Hinkle followed close behind in 18th, taking home $1,258.

Nam Phan, Daniel Stone, Dan Martin, Jana Mangimelli, and Nick Peperone all made Day 2, but were unable to make the money.

The remaining seven players will return Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and play down to a winner. Follow all the action here on and keep tabs on all the action on Twitter as well.

Below is the seating chart and the chip counts for each of the remaining players:

Seat 1: Shane Fuller 529,000
Seat 2: Eric Bunch 719,000
Seat 3: Shawn Sparks 821,000
Seat 4: Tim Krisher 428,000
Seat 5: Lauren Bunch 82,000
Seat 6: John Heckenkamp 131,000
Seat 7: Cash Carpenter 180,000


May 19, 2018

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Scott Buller Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,828)

Scott Buller

Eric Bunch and Scott Buller quickly get all in after Bunch raises on the button. Bunch has A♦ K♣ against the 7♠ 7♣ of Buller.

The board runs out J♦ 4♥ 2♥ 3♦ K♠ and Bunch wins the hand to eliminate Buller.

Eric Bunch - 380,000
Scott Buller - Eliminated

Neil Peters Eliminated in 14th Place ($1,505) by Eric Bunch

Neil Peters

Shortly after doubling through Lauren Bunch, Neil Peters got all in with A♥ K♥ against Eric Bunch who held A♦ K♦.

After the run out, Bunch won the hand with a flush, eliminated Peters in 14th place. Peters will take home $1,505 for his finish.

Eric Bunch - 620,000
Neil Peters - Eliminated

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