RGPS Kansas City Main Event: Javier Terrazas Overtakes Danny Padilla for Day 1A Chip Lead

Day 1A of the Run Good Poker Series Kansas City Main Event is in the books. A total of 122 players queued up at Harrah's Kansas City for the opening flight of this $100,000 guarantee event.

When the flight was over, Javier Terrazas held the chip lead (212,500) over atop 24 players advancing to Day 2, which will start Sunday at noon.

Several familiar faces took a shot at Day 1A and Craig Welko, Blair Hinkle, Matt Donaldson were eliminated. Meanwhile, Grant (46,500) and Mason Hinkle (188,000) both advanced to Day 2, as well as Justin Gardenhire (60,000).

PokerNews Podcast host Jeff Platt and LFG Podcast Host Jamie Kerstetter, both played but failed to bag for Day 2 as well.

Danny Padilla bagged the second biggest stack after holding the lead for most of the day. Padilla bagged 203,500 and was just beaten out during the last level by Terrazas.

"It was a good last level," Terrazas said after bagging the chip lead.

There are still two more flights in the RGPS Kansas City Main Event. Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at noon. The final day will be Sunday at noon when all players combine for a chance to be the next RGPS Main Event Champion.

Nick Burris Wins RGPS Council Bluffs Main Event, Travis Gant Falls in 2nd

Nick Burris wins the $100,000 Guaranteed Run Good Poker Series Main Event. This was the first stop on the RGPS tour, and the main event capped a great weekend. Burris will take home $44,767 for his finish and the Showbound trophy. Burris secured the victory when he three-bet shoved pocket tens into the ace-jack of hearts of Travis Gant, who finished in second place.

Burris topped a field of 399 entries and prize pool that doubled the guarantee. The final table players all earned a seat in the end-of-season Showbound satellite where Run Good players will have a chance to play on Poker After Dark in a $5,000 sit and go.

"I still want a bracelet, but I really wanted a Run Good Main title," Burris said after the win.

Burris took the lead six-handed and rode that wave to the victory after hitting some choppy waters early in the final table action. He's been playing some poker off and on but took some time off of playing more when he had two young sons. His sons are three and one.

When he's not playing poker he runs an insurance business near Kansas City. He's been a part of the famous Monday Night Poker crew for four years after he got randomly invited.

Burris earned the nickname Re-Burris for breaking Blair Hinkle's rebuy record very early in his Monday Night Poker career. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Monday Night Poker is a Kansas City home game that Blair and Grant Hinkle attend along with Jeff Tebben, James Mackey, and Paul Strohm among others.

They refer to it as the best $40 home game in the world. So Burris managed to put in 22 $40 rebuys in one hour. His record has since been broken.

The players reached the final table when Blair Hinkle busted with queens versus the aces of Tai Phan. Then Michael Childers ran into the aces of Gant, the second place finisher, to finish in tenth place.

Next to go was Scott Lodes. Lodes went on a bit of a roller coaster ride and eventually fell in ninth place when Burris got in slightly behind with ace-jack but flopped a jack to beat the ace-queen of Lodes.

The overall Day 2 chip leader Jovan Sudar hit the rail in eighth place. He got pocket fives and flopped a set, but felt he was doomed when Eric Atchison turned an open-ended straight draw. He made it and eliminated Sudar. Atchison would eventually finish third, busting to Burris with ace-deuce against Burris's pocket fours.

Shane Fuller fell in seventh place when he got his over pair in on a eight-high board against Nicholas Stille who had flopped a straight. Stille would finish in fourth place after losing two all ins to Gant in three hands.

Thadd Wolf bagged the biggest stack in Day 1c and was looking primed for a deep run. He ran pocket jacks into Burris's kings to finish in sixth place.

Tai Phan was the fifth place finisher after losing a race to Stille with ace-queen against pocket nines.

This was Burris's biggest cash to date and his first Run Good Main Event victory. This wraps up the first stop of the season for the Run Good Poker Series. PokerNews will be bringing you updates all season long. Stay tuned for the next stop February 19-24 at Downstream Casino in Joplin, MO.

February 09, 2019

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Paul Strohm is Looking For his Best RGPS Main Event Finish

Paul Strohm is one of the Run Good regulars now ever since he met Grant Hinkle. Strohm's college roommate was dating Hinkle's mother.

Hinkle was invited to join the Monday Night Poker crew in Kansas City two years ago and, as he sits enjoying a glass of wine on the rail, seems like he couldn't be happier with his choice.

He bagged 106,500 earlier today in flight B and is just hanging out to stay up to date on how his friends are doing in flight C.

He has three sons (28,26,24) and Nick, his middle son, is the one who got him into poker in the first place.

For Nick's 21st birthday he bought him a seat in a $500 charity no limit tournament. Nick chopped the prize pool heads up and lost heads up for the trophy. Nick encouraged Strohm to start playing and he eventually did. Since then he has won $22,462 in live tournaments with his first cash coming in 2017.

The semi-retired building technology specialist is looking to top his best previous finish in a Run Good Main Event. He finished 23rd for $1,617 at the Kansas City stop.

Jovan Sudar Leads 22 Players as RGPS Day 1a Concludes

Jovan Sudar will end Day 1a of the $575 $100,000 Guaranteed Run Good Poker Series Council Bluffs Main Event with a massive chip lead. Sudar leads a field of 21 other players, including Mason (43,000) and Grant Hinkle (54,000). The 22 players survived from a field of 117 entrants. This was the first of three flights and Day 1b starts Saturday at noon.

Sudar took the chip lead when he opened with aces and two players shoved behind him, one holding deuces, and the other queens. Sudar flopped top set and held to take down a huge pot and eliminate Chris "Pug" Juul. Blair Hinkle, Julie Cornelius, and Emily Larson all hit the rail on Day 1a but are expected to be in the field again tomorrow. Meanwhile, Mike Vanier (179,000), Dave Queen (160,500), and Patrick Watkins (154,500) also bagged.

Vanier jumped out to an early lead and Queen bagged a big stack thanks to a three-way all in where he eliminated two players with ace-king. A full list of the end of day chip counts will be available shortly.

The 22 remaining players will join the survivors or the Day 1b and Day 1c flights on Sunday at noon.

Grant Hinkle (16th) and Ron Miller (17th) Eliminated by Eric Bunch

Grant Hinkle - 16th place

Grant Hinkle, Ron Miller, and Eric Bunch get all in three ways preflop.

Hinkle has pocket aces and a pretty big stack. Miller has pocket kings and is the shortest of the three and Bunch has pocket tens.

The flop comes 8♦ 7♦ 6♦, giving each player a diamond draw, but Hinkle holds the A♦.

Ron Miller - 17th place

The turn is a nine, giving Bunch a straight and the river is an ace, which doesn't matter at that point. Bunch wins the three way pot and knocks out both Hinkle and Miller. Both will take home $1,258 for their finishes.

Eric Bunch - 510,000
Ron Miller - Eliminated
Grant Hinkle - Eliminated

May 18, 2018

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Reba Wright Doubles Through Grant Hinkle

Reba Wright

Reba Wright goes all in from early position for 19,500 and Grant Hinkle reshoves behind for more.

The remaining players fold and Hinkle shows A♦ T♣ against the J♥ J♣ of Wright.

The board runs out T♦ 6♠ 5♥ J♦ 2♣ and Wright wins with a set of jacks to double up.

Reba Wright - 52,000
Grant Hinkle - 60,000

RGPS Global Championship Cruise: Lauren Bunch Leads 14 From Day 1b

Lauren Bunch

The final 14 players are finished with Day 1b and Lauren Bunch leads the way with 138,300. Bunch started earlier today at a table filled with fellow Run Good regulars and when she eventually moved, managed to run up the top stack for the day.

She flopped a straight and held against Sture Busch, who couldn't make his flush draw. She then flopped top set against John Heckenkamp who flopped bottom two pair. Both players made a full house and Heckenkamp was left short and would eventually bust to Patty Molina, who bagged 42,700.

There were quite a few familiar faces in today's field and many of them moved on from the field of 59 to Day 2. Cash Carpenter actually bagged for the second time and will now take his 125,000 forward to Day 2 over the 30,500 that he bagged for Day 1a.

Julie Cornelius (117,100), Grant Hinkle (68,500), Blair Hinkle (80,400), and D.J. Alexander (103,000) all moved on and will join the 12 remaining Day 1a players on Friday.

Dan "Wretchy" Martin, John Heckenkamp, Clint Tolbert, and Derrick Contreras all failed to make Day 2, but might be in the field Friday at 10 a.m. for Day 1c, the final starting flight for the RGPS Global Championship Cruise.

Follow all the action here on You can also see updates on Twitter.

Here are the end of Day 1b Chip Counts:

 Lauren Bunch - 138,300 Cash Carpenter - 125,000
Todd Gross - 124,500 Jules Cornelius - 117,100
Brandon Butler - 113,600 D.J. Alexander - 103,000
Blair Hinkle - 80,400 Tim Krisher - 77,400
Grant Hinkle - 68,500 Roger Linnemann - 66,600
Anne Busch - 57,200 Patty Molina - 42,700
Nick Peperone - 33,100 Adam Sahyouni - 32,200