Scott Buller Wins Three-Way Pot, Eliminates Jana Mangimelli

Scott Buller

Jana Mangimelli shoves all in and John Heckenkamp calls. Scott Buller reraises all in and Heckenkamp calls the remainder of Buller's 127,500 stack.

Buller has Q♣ Q♠ against the A♦ J♠ of Mangimelli and the A♣ Q♦ of Heckenkamp.

The board runs out K♠ 9♣ 2♦ 8♦ T♥ giving Buller the win and eliminating Mangimelli.

Scott Buller - 320,000
John Heckenkamp - 230,000
Jana Mangimelli - Eliminated

Jana Mangimelli Takes the Lead

Jana Mangimelli

According to the table, Jana Mangimelli knocked out La La Sengphet when both flopped top pair.

Mangimelli called Sengphet's flop raise and then called her shove on the turn with queen-jack against the queen-ten of Sengphet.

Jana Mangimelli - 172,000
La La Sengphet - Eliminated

Daniel Stone Bags For the Second Time, Finishes With Day 1c Lead

Daniel Stone

Daniel Stone bagged Day 1a but decided to fire again today and ended up with 96,300 and the Day 1c chip lead. His original stack was 56,700.

That brings the total number of players advancing to Day 2 to 39 players. There were 47 entries in Day 1c which is a big number considering the flight started with only 13 players.

With a total of 159 players, the Run Good Poker Series Global Championship Main Event is paying $25,238 to first along with an added $10,000 Vegas Seat.

Some of the normal Run Good crowd are through, but some of them failed to advance after several attempts. Most notably, Dan Lowery and Chris Conrad who both were eliminated shortly before the end of play in Day 1c.

Dan "Wretchy" Martin (67,000) bagged in Day 1c as did his girlfriend Jana Mangimelli who bagged 90,600 finding her first-ever tournament bag.

Eric Bunch (83,800) will join his wife Lauren Bunch, who will enter Day 2 as the overall chip leader with 138,500.

Below is a list of the players advancing from Day 1c. You can follow all the action when play resumes right here on and on Twitter.

Daniel Stone - 96,300 James Devaney - 95,200
Ron Miller - 94,600 Jana Mangimelli - 90,600
Eric Bunch - 83,800 Kelly Vande Mheen - 69,600
La-La - 69,000 John Heckenkamp - 67,700
Dan Martin - 67,000 Mary Fowler - 60,800
Robert Shuptrine - 60,000 Jon Bennett - 51,200
Eric Thompson - 34,400

Eric Thompson Building a Stack at Table 9

Eric Thompson

Kelly Vande Mheen opens to 2,000 and Eric Thompson calls in position before Jana Mangimelli defends her big blind.

The flop comes J♠ 9♦ 2♦ and the action checks to Thompson who bets 2,400. Both his opponents fold.

Eric Thompson - 68,000
Jana Mangimelli - 71,000
Kelly Vande Mheen - 39,000
Allison Schultz - 11,900
Charles Brizius - 8,600

Jana Mangimelli Wins 4-Way All In

Jana Mangimelli just knocked out two players and won a four-way pot. According to the table, one player went all in and Mangimelli called. Two more players went all in and Mangimelli called again.

She had T♣ T♠.

She was against A♣ J♣, 5♦ 5♥, and the A♦ Q♦ of Kelly Vande Mheen. Vande Mheen was the only player who had Mangimelli covered.

The board ran out 8♠ 4♥ 3♠ 7♦ T♦ and Mangimelli won the whole pot.

Jana Mangimelli - 61,000
Kelly Vande Mheen - 19,000