Kelly Vande Mheen

May 18, 2018

Eric Thompson Building a Stack at Table 9

Eric Thompson Kelly Vande Mheen opens to 2,000 and Eric Thompson calls in position before Jana Mangimelli defends h...

May 18, 2018

Jana Mangimelli Wins 4-Way All In

Jana Mangimelli just knocked out two players and won a four-way pot. According to the table, one player went all in a...

May 18, 2018

Updated Chip Counts

Cash Carpenter - 26,600 Nick Peperone - 57,000 Jennifer Tokarek - 15,000 William Stanford - 36,000 ...

May 17, 2018

Phil Weast Eliminates Kelly Vande Mheen

Kelly Vande Mheen calls a shove from Phil Weast with 9♣ 9♦. Weast holds A♦ K♥. The board runs out T♣ 7♥ 6♣ J♥ A♥ and ...
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