Yousef Saleh Wins RGPS Tunica Horseshoe Main Event After 5-Way Deal

Yousef Saleh wins the RGPS Tunica Main Event and takes home after a five-way deal. He will take the Showbound trophy and $32,000 from the prize pool. The Tunica Horseshoe Main Event drew 495 entries and a prize pool of $247,500.

Here is a breakdown of the final table payouts.

Place Player Payout
1 Yousef Saleh $32,000
2 Chris Brewington $40,000
3 Sim Therrell $32,000
4 Faris Brooks $19,342
5 Edward Allen $19,342
6 Kyle Cartwright $9,281
7 Corey Hodgeman $7,549
8 Dan Crossett $6,188
9 Jon Swift $4,950


The players started to talk deal after they returned from a break five-handed. Right before the break Kyle Cartwright was eliminated when he flopped two pair against Sim Therrell who flopped a straight. Cartwright couldn't catch up and left with $9,281.

Corey Hodgeman entered the unofficial final table with the shortest stack, but held on and managed to ladder to seventh place. Eventually he shoved all in over an under the gun open by Therrell. Therrell called the shove and busted Hodgeman, sending him to the rail with $7,549.

Dan Crossett fell in eighth place and took home $6,188 when he called an all in from Chris Brewington. Both had flopped a pair of aces, but Brewington had the better kicker and held on to win the hand.

Jon Swift was the first to leave the official final table when he shoved a short stack into the pocket queens of Faris Brooks.

The day started with 116 players returning for Day 2 and Therrell leading the way. He bagged the biggest stack from Day 1A and held the overall chip lead through two more starting flights. He managed to work that into the second-highest payout.

Several of the Run Good Ambassadors shot their shot with Dan Lowery (14th) and Justin Gardenhire (32nd) finishing the best among them.

That will wrap up the RGPS Horseshoe Tunica stop. Don't Forget to check out more from the Run Good Poker Series on as the crew takes the show to the Horseshoe Bossier City, LA March 26-31st.

RGPS Tunica Horseshoe Main: Sim Therrell Leads 30 Players Who Move On to Day 2

Day 1A of the RGPS Tunica Horseshoe Main Event is over and Sim Therrell leads the 30 players heading into Day 2 on Sunday. He bagged 238,500.

Dan “Wretchy” Martin, Clint “CT” Tolbert, and Keith Fererra all played Day 1A and busted, while Kyle Cartwright surged late to come in just behind Therrell after losing to a bad beat with pocket kings. He bagged 178,000. Justin Gardenhire also bagged, ending the day with 128,000.

Some of the familiar local players bagged Day 2 as well. Joe Huey (117,000) and Connie Rice (30,000) all bagged. John Walker, who won his seat from a single-table sit-and-go and was all in blind at one point in the tournament when he was short and in the big blind, also bagged. He has 38,500.

The flight drew 135 entries and with satellites still going on, and a 9 a.m. satellite Saturday morning, the total field looks to be another big number.

There are two more flights Saturday at noon and 7 p.m. Keep up with all the updates on

Here are the end of day chip counts and for the players that bagged Day 1A.

Last Name First Name Chip Count
Therrell Sim 238500
Cartwright Kyle 178000
Higgins Tony 159500
Masters Carl 142000
Harris Ethan 140000
Latta Bill 136000
Snow Tara 131500
Adell Rodney 129000
Gardenhire Justin 128000
Huey Joey 117000
Phan Donnie 114000
Strickland Jamie 108500
Booth Judge Leo 107500
Seale Jacob 96500
Sanders Michael 92000
Willer Matt 84500
Russell Steven 74500
Hankins Robert 57000
Kelsey John 51500
Robinson Crystal 50000
Davis Chris 47000
Hebert James 45000
Wingard Christopher 41500
Radanov Damjan 40000
Walker John 38500
Kesec Galen 38000
Bayless Stephen 35500
Lee Troy 34000
Rice Connie 30000
Moss David DNR


Roger Linnemann Doubles Through Kyle Cartwright


William Stanford opens to 2,000 under the gun and Dan Martin calls behind. Roger Linnemann shoves all in for his last 12,125 and Kyle Cartwright reraises all in, making it 21,000 to go. Stanford and Martin fold.

Linnemann - K♦ 9♦
Cartwright - J♥ J♦

The board runs out K♣ T♦ 2♥ 5♣ 6♣ and Linnemann doubles through Cartwright.

Roger Linnemann - 27,000
Kyle Cartwright - 9,400