RG NKC Main Event (Day 1A): The cards only matter when you get called

Level 3 (100/200)
Day 1A entries: 60

Megan Thomson limps from middle position, Roy Ben-Aharon limps to her left, followed by the player on the button, Sean Lindsey (pictured) in the small blind, and the big blind checks his option. The dealer spreads a flop of K♥K♦Q♥, and the action checks around to the player on the button, who bets 500. Lindsey calls, the big blind and Thomson fold, and Ben-Aharon check-raises to 2,500.  The button folds and Lindsey calls.

The turn brings the 6♠. Lindsey checks and Ben-Aharon continues for 4,500. After checking his hole cards, Lindsey moves all in for 16,875. Ben-Aharon is taken aback. "You know what I got, so this would be a great bluff on your part."

Lindsey remains silent while Ben-Aharon gets a count of the bet. Mulling over his decision, Ben-Aharon muses, "I know you know what I got."

"I'm not very good," Lindsey replies.

Ultimately, Ben-Aharon decides to let this one go, and the pot is pushed to Lindsey.

Sean Lindsey - 27,400
Roy Ben-Aharon - 18,200

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