Welcome to the weekend

RunGood Week's schedule at Horseshoe Tunica has made its way to the first flight of the $100,000 guaranteed Main Event starting tonight at 7PM. The $560 buy-in will start off players with 20,000 in starting chips and bag for Day 2 after six and half hours of play. Registration will remain open until 11:30PM. Yesterday saw two individuals take down RunGood Titles as the $180 RG DeepStack and $150 RG NLH One-Day were completed around 8pm.

Congratulations to our RGPS USA DeepStack Tunica Champion:

Michael Murauko ($12,746)

Congratulations to our RGPS USA NLH One-Day Tunica Champion:

Preston McEwen ($4,216)

$180 RG DeepStack Payouts:

$12,746.00 Michael Muruako
$7,868.00 Charlie Ealy
$5,236.00 Daniel Fagen
$3,629.00 William Latta
$2,743.00 Kevin Visentin
$2,133.00 Raymond Henson
$1,773.00 Ozgur Kizil
$1,468.00 Robert Wilson
$1,241.00 David Hagan
$947.00 Amos Ragan
$947.00 Teresa Lammie
$947.00 Michael Catalani
$715.00 Jimmy Youngman
$715.00 John Therrell
$715.00 Donald Turlich
$537.00 Patrick House
$537.00 Sammy Kiger
$537.00 John Keller
$443.00 Frank Boswell
$443.00 Gene Fletcher
$443.00 Joseph Swift
$443.00 Geremy Labrador
$443.00 Loi Hoang
$443.00 Chirag Shah
$443.00 Robert Reed
$443.00 David Atwell
$443.00 Shannon Lawrence 
$360.00 Julie Cornelius
$360.00 Mark Fleddeman
$360.00 Ricky Townsend
$360.00 Casey Campbell
$360.00 Ronald Hubka
$360.00 Arpana White
$360.00 James White
$360.00 Robert harris
$360.00 Be Pham
$305.00 Daniel Gilchrist
$305.00 Randy barber
$305.00 Nanay Ezman
$305.00 Joshua Minton
$305.00 matthew Johnson
$305.00 Joey Huey
$305.00 Joseph Mahan
$305.00 Brandon Joyce
$305.00 Richard Dulli

$150 RG NLH One Day Payouts:

$4,216.00 Preston McEwen
$2,730.00 Melium Lyon
$1,731.00 Micahel Butler
$1,248.00 Matthew South
$920.00 Edward Allen
$757.00 David martin
$671.00 Mark Mead
$585.00 Matthew Pfunter
$484.00 Thomas Blankenship
$390.00 Howard N Harville
$390.00 Scott Weiss
$390.00 james Lingle
$312.00 Howard harville Jr
$312.00 Fred Benjamin
$312.00 Alan Bechler
$150.00 Did Not report
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