WSOPC Tulsa - March 21st, 2018 - Day Seven

Final Tables Everywhere
March 21st, 2018
Day Seven
Yesterday held two ring events that reached final tables last night. Ring Event #6 NLH will be bringing back four players:

Shawn Sparks 795,000 FT 3
Charles Bass 404,000 FT 1
Vic Holcomb 275,000 FT 2
Barbara Sargent 187,000 FT 4
Ring Event #7 PLO will be bringing back ten players:

First Name Last Name Chip Count T S
John Richards 353,000 FT 9
Pearce Arnold 302,000 FT 1
Justin Gardenhire 204,000 FT 2
Mashir Khan 163,000 FT 6
Damian Radanov 140,000 FT 10
William Richeson Jr. 126,000 FT 8
Robert Cote 90,000 FT 4
Daniel Lowery 57,000 FT 3
Brant Hale 40,200 FT 7
Christopher Gilliam 19,000 FT 5

In addition to the action yesterday, two WSOPC rings were awarded here at Hard Rock Tulsa.
Ring Event #4 Double Stack - Josef Tittjung ($23,806)
Ring Event #5 Black Chip Bounty - Askia Ingram ($6,998 + Eight Bounties)

We'll be doing updates on the PLO tournament when possible so check back often! The official WSOP recap can be found here.
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