RGPS OLD WEST COUNCIL BLUFFS: Tricia and Li Wu both firing in Main Event

Level 9 (1,200/600/1,200)

Total Entrants: 94

Among those running deep in Flight 1C include Tricia Wu, from Webb City, Missouri. Wu is a regular on the RGPS and the WPTDeepStacks in Joplin.

In September, Wu won a $175 tournament at the DownStream for $3,579. 

A tough cooler earlier in the day brought a second bullet from Wu. She raised big with pocket Jacks and got one caller. A Jack on the flop gave her trips. She and the other player got all their chips in and he turned pocket Aces. An Ace on the turn gave him the pot.

Wu's husband Li is also a poker player with $30,000 in live tournament winnings. That includes finishing runner-up in December 2017 in the $180 RGPS DeepStack event for $4,271. He hopped in the this today tournament just before registration ended.

Back in Missouri, the couple own and operate Chinese restaurants and recently opened their third. They offer fresh-cooked meals with delivery and carryout only.

"We have great employees that allow us to do this once in a while," she says. "It's wonderful."

Despite her earlier setback, Wu is hoping to cook up a deep run and make Day 2. 

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