RG TULSA MAIN EVENT (Day 2): Field ITM, Business End Begins

Level 15 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 45
Chip Average: 169,000

Dan Lowery is one of three RunGood team members still alive and in the money in the RG Tulsa Main Event. 

Hand-for-hand play was a limited affair and the RunGood Main Event field is now officially in the money. Now that the final 45 have all secured a payday, it will be interesting to see how the pace of play develops moving forward. The pay jumps are relatively small for now but will hit four figures soon enough. 

Among the players in the money are RunGood pros Jamie Kerstetter, Justin Gardenhire, and Dan Lowery, all of whom are well-stacked and have the chance to represent the team at the final table. With the meat and potatoes portion of the tournament now underway, the RG Blog will shift away from player features and instead focus on the hands that will end up defining this main event. 

RG TULSA MAIN EVENT (Day 2): Chip Leaders Near The Bubble

Level 14 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 51
Chip Average: 131,000

Gil George continues to accumulate chips and the start of Day 2 chip leader is one of two players over 400,000. 

It hasn't taken long for the Day 2 field to near the bubble as less than a full table needs to be eliminated before the final 45 players earn a pay day. The current chip leaderboard includes players not just over 300,000, but 400,000 as Jonathan Nguyen and Gil George are the first to reach that landmark. 

The pace of play should slow down once the bubble is reached but as players continue to hit the rail, more big stacks are likely to emerge as we round the bend toward post-bubble play. A look at the chip leaders is below. 

Jonathan Nguyen - 460,000
Gil George - 420,000
Pete Petree - 340,000
Tai Du - 290,000
Jamie Kerstetter - 270,000
Patrick Dorothy - 265,000
Kemp Ward - 250,000
Cherie Baber - 240,000

RG TULSA MAIN EVENT (Day 2): Doing More Than Just Climbing

Level 14 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 58
Chip Average: 131,000

A baker's dozen away from the money at the start of Level 14, players are starting to put themselves in a position to not walk out of here with only a min-cash, but a final table finish if they continue to chip up as they have over the first hour of play. 

Patrick Dorothy isn't in Kansas anymore, not with over 200,000 sitting in front of him. Dorothy has doubled his stack since the start of Day 2 and might just be marching down the yellow brick road when all is said and done. 
Right off the pace of the leaders to start the day, Kemp Ward is among the lead pack in Level 14. Kemp is playing 250,000 after starting with 150,000 and is on the verge of his first career RG Main Event cash. 
Few players can say they've had the rollercoaster ride endured by Cherie Baber over the last two days. Baber was the chip leader for most of Day 1A before being eliminated late in the flight and bagged 41,500 in her second shot. Baber is now playing 225,000 and is off to as hot of a start as anyone so far today. 

RG TULSA MAIN EVENT (Day 2): Jonathan Nguyen Moves Over 350,000 At The Expense Of Will OC

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 63
Chip Average: 121,000

Jonathan Nguyen gets a close examination from Will O'Connor as the two tangled in a 115,000 chip pot. 

In under 30 minutes of play, the Day 2 field is only two tables from the money. Chip stacks are starting to grow out in the field and Jonathan Nguyen has picked up right where he left on Day 1A and is playing near the chip lead after taking down a sizable hand against Will O'Connor.

Picking up the action on a flop of J5♠2, O'Connor bet 16,000 from the small blind into a pot of about 25,000 and Nguyen min-clicked to 32,000. O'Connor tanked for nearly three minutes and called to see the A♣ turn.

O'Connor slowed down to a check and Nguyen bet 16,000. It took O'Connor about two minutes to call this time and the 9♣ hit the river. Both players checked and O'Connor showed 77 with Nguyen turning over a better pair A8. O'Connor let out a few expletives as the pot was shipped over to Nguyen, who is now playing close to 360,000 while O'Connor is down to 10 big blinds.

RG TULSA MAIN EVENT (Day 2): Filling In A Few Blanks

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 72
Chip Average: 105,000

While we did feature quite a few players on the RG Blog during the Day 1 flights, inevitable a few players will fall through the cracks and we're doing our part now to rectify a few of those oversights.

Robert Shuptrine came on late in Day 1B and bagged 179,000. A veteran of $111,000 in tournament cashes, Shuptrine has made a few Day 2s and will look to leverage that experience today as he a chance to notch his first career main event victory. 
Lawyer, CEO, poker player. Rania Nasreddine is a woman of many hats but today could be the day she adds "Main Event Champion" to her other distinctions. Nasreddine has a few previous tournament cashes but a deep final table finish would mark her first career five-figure score. 
Bill Donnelly flew under the radar on Day 1 and is in prime position to strike on Day 2. Donnelly has a title here at the Hard Rock dating back to 2013 and a trip to the payout cage today would be his second in a RunGood Main Event. 
February 12, 2017

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RG TULSA MAIN EVENT (Day 2): Play Ready To Get Started

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 78
Chip Average: 98,000

Over $50,000 is on the line this afternoon for Day 2 of the RunGood Tulsa Main Event with play set to get started in just a few minutes. 78 players return from a record-breaking field of 381 with Gil George out in front with 308,500. George starts the day with over 100 big blinds as does RG Pro Jamie Kerstetter, who brings in 303,500. Right behind both of them is Jonathan Nguyen with 294,500. 

All levels up until the final table will be 45 minutes in length before moving to 60 minutes at the final table. Only 33 eliminations need to happen before the field reaches the money and the chase for the nearly $225,000 prize pool hits full speed. 

With so many talented players and big chips stacks returning for Day 2, it is truly anyone's game as cards are soon to get in the air. The RG Blog will be here to cover Day 2 in its entirety as the first belt of the Spring Brawl gets ready to be hoisted. The payouts for the event are below. 

  1. $51,710
  2. $31,920
  3. $21,243
  4. $14,724
  5. $11,127
  6. $8,654
  7. $7,193
  8. $5,957
  9. $5,035
    10-12. $3,844
    13-15. $2,900
    16-18. $2,180
    19-27. $1,798
    28-36. $1,461
    37-45. $1,236
February 12, 2017

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RG TULSA MAIN EVENT (DAY 2): Chip Counts And Seating Assignments

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 78
Chip Average: 98,000

78 total players bagged chips from the three starting flights in the RunGood Main Event and all will return at 12:00 pm tomorrow for Day 2. Below are the seating assignments and chip counts for moving day in Tulsa. A full preview will be posted before the start of play. 

Richard Roberts Moore, OK 136,500 20 1
Matt Birmingham Patten, ME 79,000 20 2
Cherie Baber Tulsa, OK 41,500 20 3
Jonathan Nguyen Wichita, KS 294,500 20 6
Pete Petree Owasso, OK 207,000 20 7
James Sybrant Arkansas City, KS 59,500 20 8
John Martin Pittsburg, KS 55,000 20 9
Robert "Bobby" Randolph Collinsville, OK 62,000 20 10
Mark Martin Dexter, KS 77,500 21 1
Rodney Spriggs Joplin, MO 156,500 21 4
Derek Schroeder St Charles, MO 112,000 21 5
Mesgana Tesfalidet Tulsa, OK 82,000 21 6
Chris Conrad Peachtree City, GA 60,500 21 7
Rob Palacios KC, MO 116,500 21 8
Eric Meola Tulsa, OK 55,500 21 9
Kevin Reece Oklahoma City, OK 126,000 21 10
Daniel "Duma" Lowery Peter Pender, AR 114,000 22 1
Justin Gardenhire Wagoner, OK 108,000 22 2
Nikhil Behl Tulsa, OK 61,500 22 3
Carl Kemp Ward Broken Arrow, OK 150,000 22 4
John Heckencamp JR Collinsville, OK 93,000 22 4
Chris Latham Mesqutie, TX 97,500 22 5
Haward Rigano Kilgore, TX 84,000 22 6
Tai Du Oklahoma City, OK 149,000 22 7
Bryan Campanello Southlake, TX 114,000 22 8
Brian Ray Norman, OK 162,500 22 9
Clyde Jacobs Tulsa, OK 27,000 22 10
Aaron Wallce Carmel, IN 47,000 23 1
James Traber Edmond, OK 135,500 23 2
John Reynolds Tulsa, OK 44,500 23 4
Taylor Scott Moutain Hone, AR 225,000 23 5
Melinda Hettick Catoosa, OK 14,500 23 5
Jamie Kerstetter Monroe, NJ 303,500 23 6
Will Berry Norman, OK 105,000 23 7
Mike Rieck Louisianna, MO 65,500 23 8
Grant Hinkle Overland Park, KS 87,000 23 10
Jason Ashford Eureka Springs, AR 114,500 24 1
Adam Korth Kansas City, KS 45,500 24 1
Nicholas Burris 102,000 24 2
James Dunkelberger Wichita, KS 52,000 24 3
Raymond Kilpatrick Granbury, TX 66,000 24 6
Mike Berger Edmond, OK 38,500 24 6
Shane Fuller Olathe, KS 83,000 24 7
Will OC  Seaside Heights  120,000 24 9
Rayce Bramlett El Reno, OK 47,000 24 10
Gil George Desoto, TX 308,500 25 1
Tony Lay Moore, OK 84,000 25 2
Chad Freeman Owasso, OK 91,000 25 3
Kevin Rund Oklahoma City, OK 145,500 25 4
Greg Jennings Overland Park, KS 65,500 25 6
Robin Glayster Fort Worth, TX 51,500 25 7
Matt Newcombe Ada, OK 63,500 25 8
Andrea Dorothy Van Buren 47,500 25 9
William Sarsdale Harrison, AR 109,500 25 10
Ryan White Kansas City, KS 29,500 26 1
Troy Repp 59,000 26 2
Jon Bennett Tulsa, OK 245,500 26 3
Andre Allen KC, MO 35,000 26 4
JD Ontiveros Tulsa, OK 132,500 26 5
Clarence Prevost Bixby, OK 121,500 26 7
Chris Horter Margate, NJ 500 26 8
David Caron Kansas City, KS 63,500 26 9
John Mcmahan Tulsa, OK 62,000 26 10
Alex Phahurat Rogers, AR 58,000 27 2
John Song Ft. Worth, TX 28,000 27 3
Jesse McVicker Lawton, OK 146,000 27 4
Scott Hall Fayetville, AR 68,000 27 7
Patrick Dorothy Van Buren 114,000 27 8
Robert Shuptrine Bentonville, AR 179,000 27 9
Duy Lai Broken Arrow, OK 51,000 27 10
Bill Donnelly Oklahoma City, OK 93,000 28 1
Cristobal Romano Irving, TX 98,500 28 2
Kristen Deardorff 78,500 28 3
Rania Nasreddine Tulsa, OK 124,500 28 5
Carl Nere Woodlands, TX 26,500 28 6
Michael Kennedy Joplin, MO 87,000 28 7
Jasen Currie Kansas City, KS 72,000 28 8
Alexander Coleman Del City, OK 82,500 28 10