September 08, 2016

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Montes peels, Peeler drags

We arrive at the table to see a heads-up pot between Aaron Peeler and Jose Montes, with a flop of 4♦9♦3♦ already spread. Montes checks and Peeler bets 13,000. Montes calls.

The turn is the 7♣. Montes checks and this time Peeler bets 23,000.

The river brings the K♠. Montes checks for the third time and Peeler takes little time putting together a bet of 50,000. Montes double-checks his hole cards and lets his hand go.

Aaron Peeler - 260,000

Jose Montes - 180,000

September 08, 2016

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The rich get richer

Chip leader Cary Marshall has just eliminated another player, bringing us one closer to the money.

A player in middle position raises to 8,000 and another player moves all-in for 58,000. The action folds around to Cary Marshall in the small blind, who four-bets to 140,000. The original raiser folds and the cards are turned up.

Marshall - Q♠Q♥

Opponent - 5♦5♠

The board ran dry for pocket fives, K♠6♠4♣6♦A♥.

Marshall - 480,000

September 08, 2016

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5-minute break

The action has started off slow, with only one elimination. The players are now on a 5-minute break while the black chips are raced off. The remaining 39 players will return to blinds of 2,000 / 4,000 with a 500 ante.
September 08, 2016

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Cards are in the air!

The Tournament Director has completed his instructions to the players and the cards are now in the air! 

We're starting the day with blinds of 1,500 / 3,000 with a 400 ante. The average chip stack is 108,929.

36 players will be paid, with payouts beginning at $320.

September 08, 2016

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Welcome to Day 2 of the $180 Deepstack Event

Day 2 of the $180 Deepstack event is kicking off at noon at the Hard Rock Casino Resort in Tulsa. 42 players are returning from their Day 1 flights on Wednesday to play down to a winner. The event drew 305 players, creating a prize pool of $42,700; 36 players will make it into the money with $9,821 going to first.

RunGood will be updating the blog throughout Day 2 play, recording key hands and bustouts, providing chip counts and the occasional photo. Check back regularly to follow all the action.

A complete breakdown of the start-of-day chip counts and seat assignments can be found here.

September 08, 2016

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42 Players return for Day 2 of the $180 Deepstack

The name of the game on Wednesday at the RunGood Poker Series was the NLHE Deepstack. Two Day 1 flights were scheduled, one at noon and another at 7 p.m., which drew a combined 305 entries. Players who entered started with 15,000 in starting chips and anyone surviving their Day 1 flight would return Thursday to play down to a winner.

Cary Marshall of Reno, Nevada emerged from Flight A as the Day 1 chip leader with 350,000 chips, which proved to be too much for the players in Flight B to match as the closest competitor, RG Pro Jose Montes, emerged at the top of the Flight B leaderboard with 211,100. As Yogi Berra would say, "It ain't over 'til it's over," and there's still Day 2 yet to be played.

With 305 entries, the prize pool reached $42,700; 36 players will make it into the money with $9,821 going to the first place finisher.

Official chip counts by stack size:

Player Name Hometown  Chip Count 
Cary Marshall Reno, NV          350,000
Jose Montes Bronx, NY          211,100
Daniel "Duma" Lowery Peter Pender, AR          203,700
Aaron Peeler Midwest City, OK          201,500
Jeff Martin Memphis,TN          187,300
Dan Martin Las Vegas, NV          163,500
Lynn Samples Bedford, TX          163,200
Ross Bybee McKinney, TX          153,000
Ed Oliva Tulsa, OK          151,300
Kathy Bickel Fairview, TX          145,300
Ben Nix Rowlett, TX          142,000
Kenny Baggett Rogers, AR          140,100
Tracey Rudd Tulsa, OK          140,000
Andre Allen Kansas City, MO          135,500
Carol Burrell Moore, OK          135,400
Steve Latham Sand Springs, OK          126,100
Larry Trimble Broken Arrow, OK          122,900
Michael Regalla Moore, OK          111,300
Jerad Jameson Cherokee, KS          100,900
John Norwood Checotah, OK             91,200
Ben Bailey Tulsa, OK             91,000
Marcea Barton Tulsa, OK             88,900
Molly Anne Mossey Clearwater, MN             87,200
Gary Burrell Moore, OK             81,700
Eric Bunch Tulsa, OK             81,600
Ty Moffett Tulsa, OK             79,500
Jon Bennett Tulsa, OK             78,300
Bong Tran Tulsa, OK             73,000
Joseph Mouser Lawton, OK             73,000
Steven Hayes Tulsa, OK             71,600
Jay Hunter Tulsa, OK             69,700
Phil Nelson Tulsa, OK             69,200
Deborah Hale Owasso, OK             60,100
Pete Petree Owasso, OK             57,000
Stephan Guy Sperry, OK             55,800
Ken Wright Tulsa, OK             44,400
Craig Worley Stillwater, OK             42,800
Lauren Bunch Tulsa, OK             42,400
David Baker Sahuarita, AZ             38,400
David Brown Norman, OK             37,700
Michael Lech Alma, AR             30,000
Justin Lammon Kansas City, KS             11,500


Official Day 2 Seating assignments:

Pictures from Flight A are available here. The pictures from Flight B are available here. Photos from Day 2 are available here.

RunGood will bring you live updates beginning at noon from the gaming floor including key hands and bustouts, in addition to chip counts and payouts as the action happens. Join us right here for all the action!

Also on the schedule Thursday is the $230 PLO event at 4 p.m., which sports a $10K guarantee. At 7 p.m. is the $160 Mega Satellite with 20 seats guaranteed.  There's something for everyone today at the RGPS at the Hard Rock Casino Resort!


September 07, 2016

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Congratulations to RG Pro Bounty tournament winner Vonda Richardson!

The RunGood Poker Series returns to its hometown of Tulsa this week at the Hard Rock Casino for another five-day run of poker, guarantees, and giveaways. All week, in addition to our tournament series, each event features a special giveaway raffle to players registered in each event. Among the items being given away are Yeti coolers, Yeti tumblers, a Sony PlayStation 4, a Microsoft Xbox One, Rustic Cuff Triple Stacks, and three Samsung Curve 65" 4K televisions.  This is in addition to having three events with prize pool guarantees of $10K, $25K, and $100K!

Our first event of the series was the $135 RunGood Pro Bounty Tuesday night. By the time registration closed, the event drew 179 entries creating a prize pool of $18,795.  Eighteen places would be paid, with $5,073 going to first, but making it into the money wasn't the only way to go home a winner. Ten pros were in the field, each with an envelope holding random prizes ranging from RunGood Gear to $1,000 cash!

The item up for raffle during the Pro Bounty tournament was a Custom Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler with two Rambler Colsters. Players must be present to win, and if the player called doesn't claim the prize, another name will be drawn until a winner is found. Tuesday night there was no delay, however, as the prize was claimed mere seconds after Andy Cruz's (pictured, left) name was called. Congratulations to Andy and thank you to all the players who came out for the event!



Eventual event winner Vonda Richardson knocked out a RG pro early in the tournament and received a RG Cadet Hoodie, which she wore to victory. We often joke that every RunGood purchase comes with a championship win, but Vonda took it to heart. Holding the majority of the chips with three players left, Vonda and her fellow players agreed to a three-way chop to end the evening with a payday of $3,383 and the RunGood medallion. The full photo album for the event can be found on the Facebook page, available here.

Official $135 RunGood Pro Bounty results:






Vonda Richardson

Hutchinson, KS



David Baker

Sahuarita, AZ



Cory Holden

Bixby, OK



Sherry Haney

Tulsa, OK



Craig Perry

Independence, KS



Frank McKeon

Owasso, OK



Joseph Ferguson

Catoosa, OK



Jordan Hollis

Bartlesville, OK



Clarence Prevost

Bixby, OK



John Reynolds

Tulsa, OK



Marian Gibson-Rawson

Haskell, OK



Tina Wooten

Catoosa, OK



John Hopper

Pawhuska, OK



Scott Rudd

Tulsa, OK



James Moore

Owasso, OK



Mesgana Tesfalidet

Tulsa, OK



Christopher Conrad

Peach Tree, GA



Robert Randolph

Collinville, OK



Wednesday's action will only intensify as we kick off the $180 Deepstack tournament, which sports a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool. Two flights are scheduled for the day, Flight A at noon and Flight B at 7 p.m.  The players who remain at the end of their respective Day 1's will return Thursday at noon to play down to a winner.  The item up for raffle in the Deepstack is a PlayStation 4 for Flight A and an Xbox One for Flight B.

Join us at the Hard Rock Tulsa for all the action!