September 08, 2016

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String of eliminations

Several players have been eliminated while we were attempting to update the blog with a string of double-up hands.

In more or less back-to-back hands, we've lost five players and made it to heads-up play.

First to go was Aaron Peeler. Having been crippled by the hand against Marshall, he has exited the tournament in 7th place for $1,444.

Next to hit the rail was Steven Hayes in 6th place for $1,709.

Stephen Guy followed in 5th place for $2,179.

In 4th place, we lost Joseph Mouser, who takes home $2,904.

We returned to the table to see Ben Bailey making his exit in 3rd place. Bailey had been short stacked for the last few hours but managed to survive the few times he'd been least until now.  Bailey moved all-in from the small blind with Jx8x, but ran into the AxAx of Cary Marshall in the big blind. Bailey was unable to come from behind and takes home $4,163 for his 3rd-place finish.

September 08, 2016

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Cary Martin doubles through Aaron Peeler

Cary Marshall opens for 150,000 and both Aaron Peeler and Dan Lowery call from the blinds. The flop comes A♣Q♦3♥. Peeler leads out from the small blind for 150,000. Lowery folds and Marshall calls.

The turn is the 2♥. Peeler bets 200,000 and Marshall quickly calls. The river is the 7♦. Peeler moves all in, and has his opponent covered. Marshall snap calls and turns over A♦7♥ for a rivered two pair.

Peeler, disgusted, turns over A♥2♦ for a worse two pair.

Cary Marshall - 1,400,000

Aaron Peeler - 340,000

September 08, 2016

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Ben Bailey doubles up

Dan Lowery raises from under the gun to 100,000 and Ben Bailey moves all-in next to act for 205,000. The action folds back to Lowery and he calls.

Ben Bailey - 6♠6♦

Dan Lowery - 4♠4♣

The board runs out Q♠5♠2♣K♥3♦, giving Bailey the double-up. "One more card," Lowery pleads.

Ben Bailey - 430,000

Dan Lowery - 1,400,000

September 08, 2016

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Break it down

The players are enjoying a scheduled 15-minute break and will return for Level 21 with blinds of 15,000 / 30,000 with a 5,000 ante.

Updated chip counts:

Aaron Peeler - 1,625,000

Dan Lowery - 1,430,000

Steven Hayes - 385,000

Cary Marshall - 360,000

Joseph Mouser - 305,000

Stephan Guy - 280,000

Ben Bailey - 245,000


September 08, 2016

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Jeff Martin eliminated in 8th place ($1,197)

Jeff Martin opens the pot from under-the-gun to 55,000 and the action folds around to Stephen Hayes in the small blind who moves all in for 219,000. Martin calls and the cards are turned over.

Jeff Martin - 7♥7♣

Stephen Hayes - K♦Q♦

The stacks are practically even, with Hayes outchipping Martin by just 10,000, making this a critical pot for both players.  The flop buries Martin in a deep hole with the Q♣Q♠9♥, leaving him needing running one of the two remaining sevens to survive. It fails to appear as the turn is the 2♦, and the river is the 8♦ to give Hayes the win.

Martin is eliminated in 8th place and receives $1,197 for his efforts.

Stephen Hayes - 448,000

Jeff Martin - Eliminated

September 08, 2016

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Tracey Rudd Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,030)

Aaron Peeler opens the pot for 50,000 and Tracey Rudd moves all in for around 80,000. Ben Bailey on her left re-shoves and everyone else, including Peeler, folds.

Ben Bailey - A♣Q♥

Tracey Rudd - T♦9♦

The flop buries Rudd in a deep hole with the A♥T♠7♣, leaving her with five outs to a better hand.  The turn 6♥ brings Rudd four more outs to a straight, but the river 6♣ ends the suspense and Rudd's tournament run.

Rudd exits the tournament in 10th place and receives $1,030 for her performance.

Ben Bailey - 280,000

Tracey Rudd - Eliminated

September 08, 2016

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Level 20 begins

Level 20 brings blinds of 10,000 / 20,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Nine players remain, with few flops being contested. The short stacks are dwindling so we should see some shoves soon.