Seat and Travel to the 2022 All-Stars ProAM powered by PokerGO

The RunGood Poker Series 2022 season is BACK! Mirroring last season’s theme of All-Stars, the 2022 RGPS Contenders season aims to bring the well-received concept of the ProAM back once again to the PokerGO Studio in December of 2022 at the Aria Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, NV. In the 2020 and 2021 All-Stars season, 32 players from the tour qualified into the filmed ProAM through either winning the $575 RG Main Event or by winning the title of Casino Champion by earning points throughout the week at a RunGood stop. The other 32 contestants were invited celebrities that consisted of poker personalities, reality tv stars, Twitch streamers, influencers, and other poker media personnel.

The 2022 Contenders season will see minor differences in the removal of the Casino Champion points race. There will only be two qualifiers per RunGood stop, coming from the winner of the DeepStack event as well as the $575 Main Event. Each winner will be awarded a $550 seat plus $250 travel stipend. The 2022 ProAM will also see the field size reduced to a more intimate number of 48 players as opposed to last year’s 64. This will help create a more personal experience for the qualifiers with the celebrities as well as give more camera and screen time to everyone involved.

The filmed ProAM event will be streamed live on both PokerGO’s Twitch and YouTube channels. It can also be found on the PokerGO streaming platform itself in a complete episode from start to finish. It will be commentated by some of poker’s most beloved individuals in the booth including David Tuchman and Jeff Platt. We’re excited at RunGood HQ to bring this wonderful concept back again in what will hopefully be an annual event between RunGood and PokerGO!

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