New Ambassadors, a Veteran and a Rookie

May 23, 2019

New Ambassadors, a Veteran and a Rookie“Poker clothing brand welcomes two new representatives” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- The RunGood calendar revolves around the start of the Vegas Summer. With each new year, a committee of RunGood Ambassadors tap two individuals to join and represent the clothing brand out in Las Vegas. A mix of characteristics and accomplishments go into selecting players for discussion. The selections are capped at two every year and are chosen from a short list edited and revised since the company’s beginning in 2012. “The Poker Community is filled with great ambassadors for the game which makes the selection process tougher every year as we are able to connect with more players through the RunGood Poker Series....

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RGPS Tulsa Hard Rock Day 2 Seating Chart: Listed by Last Name

May 05, 2019

First Name Last Name Chip Count Table Seat Jonathan Aulepp 48,000 24 7 Will Berry 78,000 23 1 Tony Birney 41,000 26 6 Tim Black 71,000 24 5 Matthew Blackwell 126,500 25 6 Raymond Bowker 69,500 25 7 Cory Brown 70,000 23 8 Daniel Bruce 34,000 22 1 Larry Bryson 252,000 21 5 Eric Bunch 71,500 23 4 Jake Bunch 81,000 21 6 Nick Burris 167,000 23 2 Cash Carpenter 64,500 23 9 Catherine Chen 59,500 24 3 LW Cooper 84,500 25 2 Julie Cornelius 39,000 26 9 David Cossio 153,000 24 1 Mike Crawford 123,000 20 2 Ted Forshey 145,500 20 8 Justin Gardenhire 127,000 20 3 Vic Harris 87,500 21 7 Grant Hart 120,500 20 4 Stephen Hart...

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Two RGPS Tulsa Hard Rock Main Event Flights Today, Day 1B Starts at Noon

May 04, 2019

The Run Good Poker Series Main Event at Tulsa Hard Rock continues today with the last two of three starting flights. The first flight starts at noon.Day 1A drew 82 entries and, while that may have had something to do with poor weather, Saturday's flights are expected to be bigger. This is a $675 buyin Main Event with $100,000 guarantee. Players will start with 20,000 chips and have 12 30-minute levels before bagging for Day 2, which will start Sunday at noon.The final ten players in this event will be the last players entered into the Showbound satellite. The Showbound satellite will give two players a $5,000 sit-n-go seat on Poker After Dark. The seat includes travel and hotel accommodation....

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The RGPS Main Event at Tulsa Hard Rock Begins at 7 PM

May 03, 2019

It's time for the finale of the GPI-Award Winning Mid Major Tour of 2019 Run Good Poker Series Main Event at the Hard Rock Tulsa. The tour has already crowned five main event champions this season and will send a total of about 80 players to the "Showbound" satellite Monday.Each season the RGPS has a theme and this season they teamed up with PokerGO to give players a chance to play on Poker After Dark at the PokerGO studio in Las Vegas. The final table of this main event will join the satellite field for a shot at two seats into a $5,000 Sit-n-go, as well as hotel and flight accommodation.First things first, the main event. Friday at 7 p.m....

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