End of Day 1A Chip Counts

Flight A
First Name Last Name Chip Count
Javier Terrazas 212,500
Danny Padilla 203,500
Mason Hinkle 188,000
Brock McCoy 184,500
Terry Gardner 168,000
Nam Phan 142,500
Grant Illig 134,000
James Herderhorst 124,000
Michael Jensen 120,500
Beau Wilshire 116,000
Eric Medved 112,000
Nicholas Burris 93,500
Mina Greco 89,500
Tim Sire 88,000
Paul Strohm 79,500
Keith Murrell 78,000
Justin Gardenhire 60,000
Grant Hinkle 46,500
Thomas Bowler 44,000
Ryan Barton 39,000
Michael Adams 38,000
JJ Winston 34,000
Brian Watts 27,000
Ronald Green 13,500
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