Nicholas Stille (4th, $15,009) and Eric Atchison (3rd, $20,215) Eliminated in Quick Succession

Nicholas Stille got all in two times against Travis Gant and lost both hands.

The first time he shoved with ace-ten against the pocket jacks of Gant and couldn't catch up. Then he shoved blind from under the gun and got through. After that, he got all in with Gant again.

This time he had nine-five of spades against  the ace-queen of Gant. Gant held again to send Stille to the rail with $15,009 and a fourth-place finish.


Eric Atchison got all in with ace-deuce suited and was against the pocket fours of Nicholas Burris from the big blind. Burris stayed ahead and even caught a four on the river to make a set and eliminate Atchison in third place. Atchison will take home $20,215.

The RGPS Main Event Council Bluffs is now heads up. You can follow the action on PokerNews.

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