RG DOWNSTREAM Main Event (Day 1A): Midpoint Leadership

Level 7 (400/800/800)
Total Entrants: 87

With half of the day's levels behind us, it's time to take a look at the leaderboard. Mason Hinkle (pictured) leads the field with 106,000, the only player posting a six-figure total at this stage.

With 44 players currently in action, and registration still open for another hour, here are the top ten stacks in the room:

Mason Hinkle - 106,000
Shawn McCracken - 68,000
Andrew McCollough - 68,000
Bart Bogard - 62,000
Joseph Gatlin - 59,000
Chris Leake - 57,000
John Moore - 56,000
Dave Queen - 49,000
Tricia Wu - 48,000
Steve Glasscock - 47,000

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