RG Downstream Main Event (Day 2): Matt Ellis gets it in bad

Level 21 (3000/10000/20000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 8
Average chips: 497,500

Matt Ellis opens for 70,000 in middle position and Jesse Jones goes all in over the top. The action is back on Ellis, who has 330,000 behind. After a healthy think, Ellis calls it off and the hands are revealed:

Matt Ellis - A♣Q♣
Jesse Jones - A♦K♠

"Good luck, man," Jones says. This is the situation responsible for many players to despise ace-queen.

The flop brings hope in the form of a flush draw: 8♣5♠3♣. The turn brings it in with the K♣. A meaningless J♥ completes the board.

It's a massive 838,000 pot that gets pushed to Ellis.

Matt Ellis - 838,000
Jesse Jones - 441,000

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