RG Downstream Main Event (Day 2): Small ball, big ball

Level 19 (2000/6000/12000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 13
Average chips: 306,153

The contrast is striking. At table 11, the name of the game is small ball. Grant Hinkle limps for 12,000 in middle position and Matt Ellis calls on the button. Jim Indiveri completes from the small blind and John Martin checks his option in the big blind.

The flop comes A♣7♠6♠. Indiveri leads out for 15,000. Martin and Hinkle fold, and Ellis calls. The turn is the 3♠, bringing in the possible flush. Both players check.

The river is the A♠, bringing a fourth spade and pairing the board. Quickly, Indiveri leads again for 15,000. Ellis thinks it over and decides on a fold.

Jim Indiveri - 227,000
Matt Ellis - 380,000

Meanwhile, on table 13, Li Wu raises to 36,000 and JD Hays moves all in, having Wu's stack covered. Wu calls off his remaining 167,000 and the cards are turned up:

Hays - A♦3♦
Wu - K♣T♦

The board runs out in Wu's favor, J♦9♠8♦T♣6♠, to come from behind and win the pot.

Li Wu - 362,000
JD Hays - 36,000

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