RG TULSA MAIN EVENT (Day 2): Will Berry and Brady McDonald Trade Doubles

Level 19 (6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total Entrants: 345
Players Remaining: 11
Chip Average: 627,000

The final table is only a single elimination away and Will Berry and Brady McDonald (pictured) exchanged chips to make sure it stayed that way. 

McDonald opened to 27,000 in the cutoff holding 10♣10 and Berry pushed 237,000 in out of the small blind with two overs KQ. McDonald called and started to stack chips to send Berry's way when a queen hit the flop.

The blinds went up to 8,000/16,000 and Berry returned the favor.

McDonald raised the button to 37,000 and Byron Abernathy flatted the small blind. Berry jammed for 560,000 in the big blind having both players covered. McDonald called all-in and Abernathy took a second before folding. Berry turned over 99 and the J♣J of McDonald had the edge.

A third jack hit the turn and Berry sent over 386,000 to McDonald. Berry drops down to 150,000, putting him next to Cory Smith for the short stack.

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