RGPS OLD WEST COUNCIL BLUFFS: Blair Hinkle's all-in shove brings a nice pot

Level 13 (3,000/2,000/3,000)

Total Entrants: 330

Players remaining: 56

Chip Average: 117,857

Blair Hinkle was involved in a big hand early. He raises to 8,000 from the button and receives a caller. 

The flop brings K-3-4 rainbow. The other player checks and Hinkle makes a bet and receives a call.

The turn is a Kfor two diamonds on the turn. The other player leads out this time for 24,000 and Hinkle calls. The 7comes on the river. The other player checks and Hinkle moves all in.

The other player will be in for all his chips if he calls; he tanks for a few minutes before folding. Hinkle rakes a pot of about 100,000 chips.

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