Run Good Partners With Atlas Lions Esports

RunGoodGear, RunGood Events, and the Atlas Lions (@TaL__eSports) are teaming up. The Lions are an esports organization based out of Scotland and they have put together a roster for the Call of Duty World League event in Fort Worth, TX March 15-17.

The Call of Duty World League is the official esports league developed around the Activision game Call of Duty. This season the players are competing in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

“Really looking forward to growing together with The Atlas Lions. Merging poker fans and esports fans has always been a goal for RunGood and myself personally. It was a snap call when the opportunity came,” Run Good CEO Tana Karn said.

The Lions are competing in the amateur bracket for a piece of the $70,000 prize pool and to earn pro points. This is how amateur players put themselves on the radar to become pro players.

Call of Duty is a First-Person shooter where teams work to control different points on a map. The team is made up of five players, each of whom has a specific role. The role decides which guns they use and what position then hold on the map.

Introducing the Atlas Lions COD Team:

Baldy: ()

His real-life name is Sam. He plays ICR (mid to long range rifle) which is the main assault rifle role. He first got into gaming on the Nintendo 64 playing games like Goldeneye. He says the first shooter he got into was Star Wars: Battlefront.

He started playing COD in 2009, but his interest started to dwindle until a friend suggested he watch the COD Championships. He started to attend tournaments and his current goal is to participate in the COD Championships.

Divinity: ()

Goes by Aiden outside of the game. He plays the Maddox (mid to long range rifle) which is a flex/AR position. His first shooter was Rainbow Six: Vegas and his first competitive shooter was COD: Advanced Warfare. His goals for his esports career are to make it to the professional ranks and win at least one event.

Hicksy: ()

Charlie also plays the Maddox (flex/ar) role. He got into gaming at seven years old. His first shooter was Call of Duty 4. He shared his Xbox with his brother and started thinking about playing competitively around the time of COD: Ghosts (2013).

His esports goal is to make a career out of esports whether it be as a player or another role.

Trance: ()

Martin plays the Saug, an SMG (Sub-machine gun) that is better suited for closer quarters fighting. He started playing video games on the PlayStation. He played Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. The first shooters he played were COD 3, Metal Gear Solid, and Halo (2 &3)

Played his first LAN in 2015 and was inspired to establish himself on the COD scene. His goal is to progress on the competitive side of esports, but also has interest in esports management and fitness. 

Beanbag: (@YellowBeanBag)

James also plays the Saug SMG. He started playing games like Mario Kart and Pokemon before eventually finding COD: Modern Warfare 2. Got the bug to play competitively thanks to the pro league during Black Ops 2 (2012).

His esports goal is to become a pro.

These are the players who will compete under the Atlas Lions banner, wearing brand new jerseys designed and created by RunGoodGear.

We will have more information about the team and the players closer to the event, and will bring you updates, photos, and interviews with all the players as they take steps toward making it as an esports pro.

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