RGPS Downstream Casino $135 Pro Bounty Recap

The opening event for this week's RunGood Poker Series at Downstream Casino drew 169 players creating a prize pool of $17,745.

Mike Spyers of Joplin, MO was the eventual winner, taking home $4791 and being the first player of the series to secure his seat in our end of season, free roll satellite for a chance to play on Poker After Dark.  Congratulations to Mike and all the rest of our winners!  Full results below.  

Place Name Payout
1 Michael Spyers $4,791.00
2 Philip Roth $2,981.00
3 Karen Brown $1,810.00
4 Mason Hinkle $1,331.00
5 Cody Hughey $994.00
6 Jeffrey McHugh $816.00
7 Anthony Lipan $719.00
8 Jeremy Cross $630.00
9 Charles Hansuld $532.00
10 Michael Arnon $426.00
11 Marsha Adams $426.00
12 James Jennings $426.00
13 Alexis Gavin $337.00
14 Julie Lipari $337.00
15 Huey Long $337.00
16 Christopher Conrad $284.00
17 Mark Smith $284.00
18 Joseph Gatlyn $284.00
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