RunGood DownStream Main Event (Day 2): Championship Sunday Ready to get Started

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total Entrants: 293
Players Remaining: 63
Chip Average: 93,000

The last chance to #GetOnTheBoat is today at DownStream Casino with 63 players remaining from the 293 who entered. Of those 63, 30 will make the money and 10 will earn a coveted seat onboard the RG Cruise. 

Leading the way for the Day 2 players is Shane Smith, who comes into play with 233,000. Plenty of top-notch players are in contention behind Smith including Chris Staats (223,500), Mike Marn (218,500), and Eric Bunch (121,000). 

The RunGood team is represented on Day 2 in the form of Justin Gardenhire, Dan Lowery, Grant Hinkle, and Chris Conrad. All of whom are playing to match the feat of fellow RG Pro Dan 'Wretchy' Martin who won the RG Tulsa Main Event last month. 

Levels today are 45 minutes all the way up to the final table when they will increase to 60. Play is soon to get underway and the RG blog will have complete coverage as we move toward the end of the fall season. The payouts are below. 

1. $31,659
2. $19,604
3. $14,252
4. $10,541
5. $7,931
6. $6,067
7. $4,718
8. $3,729
9. $2,996
10. $2,445
11-12. $2,345
13-15. $1,926
16-18. $1,606
19-21. $1,357
22-24. $1,164
25-27. $1,011
28-30. $892  

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