March 30, 2019

Posted in Bill Sadka, John Voris

RGPS Bossier City Horseshoe Main Event Profile: John Voris

John Voris comes to the Bossier City Horseshoe every week from El Dorado, AR which is about 90 miles away.

He's a retired purchasing manager for an oil company who's been married for 50 s to his wife Nancy. He's 71 and has two kids.

He split the bubble in the deepstack tournament earlier in the week, after turning a full house and losing on the river. He's currently enjoying a pretty chatty table with the likes of Bill Sadka.

Sadka raised from the small blind into Voris's big blind.

"I knew it," Voris said, "I thought it'd be at least four hundred."

Voris had the chips in hand ready to call. Sadka took down the four-way pot after a c-bet.

RGPS Bossier City Horseshoe Main Event Profile: Greg Stanley

Greg Stanley lives in Minden, LA which is about 30 miles from Horseshoe Bossier City. He is in the field today seated next to Thad Dilday who was known last year as the "Mayor of Suckersville," but now Stanley says everyone calls him Scooter.

"Ship it to Scooter, is what everyone always says," Stanley said.

Stanley owns a heating and air conditioning company.

"Does Dennis work for you?" Dilday asked Stanley.

"Hell no," Stanley replied.

Stanley is married with two kids and says that if happens to end up on Poker After Dark he would want to play against Bill Sadka and Herman Johnson. They are two more locals who regularly play here and Sadka is seated a couple tables over from Stanley.

"The home team," Stanley said.