RGPS Global Championship Cruise: Lauren Bunch Leads 14 From Day 1b

Lauren Bunch

The final 14 players are finished with Day 1b and Lauren Bunch leads the way with 138,300. Bunch started earlier today at a table filled with fellow Run Good regulars and when she eventually moved, managed to run up the top stack for the day.

She flopped a straight and held against Sture Busch, who couldn't make his flush draw. She then flopped top set against John Heckenkamp who flopped bottom two pair. Both players made a full house and Heckenkamp was left short and would eventually bust to Patty Molina, who bagged 42,700.

There were quite a few familiar faces in today's field and many of them moved on from the field of 59 to Day 2. Cash Carpenter actually bagged for the second time and will now take his 125,000 forward to Day 2 over the 30,500 that he bagged for Day 1a.

Julie Cornelius (117,100), Grant Hinkle (68,500), Blair Hinkle (80,400), and D.J. Alexander (103,000) all moved on and will join the 12 remaining Day 1a players on Friday.

Dan "Wretchy" Martin, John Heckenkamp, Clint Tolbert, and Derrick Contreras all failed to make Day 2, but might be in the field Friday at 10 a.m. for Day 1c, the final starting flight for the RGPS Global Championship Cruise.

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Here are the end of Day 1b Chip Counts:

 Lauren Bunch - 138,300 Cash Carpenter - 125,000
Todd Gross - 124,500 Jules Cornelius - 117,100
Brandon Butler - 113,600 D.J. Alexander - 103,000
Blair Hinkle - 80,400 Tim Krisher - 77,400
Grant Hinkle - 68,500 Roger Linnemann - 66,600
Anne Busch - 57,200 Patty Molina - 42,700
Nick Peperone - 33,100 Adam Sahyouni - 32,200


Patty Molina Eliminates John Heckenkamp and Doubles Through Lauren Bunch

Patty Molina

Lauren Bunch, John Heckenkamp and another player are all in on the T♦ 7♦ 5♥ flop.

Bunch: T♥ T♣
Heckenkamp: 7♣ 5♣
Opponent: A♦ K♠

The turn is the 8♥ and the river is the 5♠ giving Bunch the better full house to leave Heckenkamp short.

He goes all in for 3,350 and gets calls from Patty Molina and William Stanford.

The flop comes 7♥ 7♣ 4♠ and Molina shoves all in. Stanford folds pocket sixes and Heckenkamp shows queens, Q♠ Q♦.

Molina shows K♥ K♠. The turn is the 6♠ and Stanford throws up his hands, but the river is the K♦ giving Molina the better set and eliminating Heckenkamp.

Molina didn't stop there.

She shoves all in against Bunch with a set of eights. Bunch calls with top pair, top kicker, but Molina stays ahead and even rivers quads to seal the deal.

Patty Molina - 70,000
Lauren Bunch - 42,000
John Heckenkamp - Eliminated