And then there was eight...

Updated Chip Counts:

Mike Rieck 26 1 690,000
Chris Conrad 26 4 210,000
Bryant Lipscomb 26 5 1,115,000
Matt Sherwood 26 6 690,000
Carson Parker 26 7 535,000
Chan Pelton 26 9 2,080,000
Greg Helton 26 10 415,000

Eric Bunch eliminated in 9th place ($1,263)

Carson Parker shoves 445,000 in middle position. Action folds to Eric Bunch in the big blind who tanks and eventually calls with pocket threes. To his dismay Parker flips over pocket sevens.

Carson Parker: 77

Eric Bunch: 33

Flop: 6 9 10 Turn: 6 River: 8

The hand leaves Bunch with 10K left in chips which gives him a glimmer of hope as he runs it to 90K the very next hand with J2 to overcome KQ.

Flop: 9 6 3 Turn: 5 River: 4

But the third time was not a charm as he falls to Carson Parker's pocket fives after jamming with six five off-suit.

Flop: 3 7 J Turn: J River: J

A classic AA race...

Chan Pelton and Matt Sherwood get into a raising war only to discover each was holding the best hand in Texas Holdem.

Chan Pelton: AA

Matt Sherwood: AA

Flop: 6 K 6 Turn: 7 River: J

The board gave us a rainbow flop to end any backdoor shenanigans.

Daniel Lowery Eliminated in 10th place ($1,029)

Chan Pelton opens for 90,000 in the hijack as it folds to Daniel Lowery in the big blind. Lowery ships his stack in as Pelton pauses then calls.

Chan Pelton: AJ

Daniel Lowery: A5

Flop: 9 7 10 Turn: 2 River: 8

The board is unable to yield a five sending Lowery to the payout desk.

Ten still strong...

Chips have been passed back and forth but have yet to yield an elimination. Eric Bunch fell victim to a cooler to double up Chan Pelton, one of the short stacks at the table. A 10 on the river sent Chan's stack to just over 600,000 in chips. Luckily Eric could easily afford the hit as play continues at 5K/15K/30K.

Eric Bunch - JJ

Chan Pelton - KK

Flop: JQ9 Turn: 5 River: 10

RG DeepStack 25K GTD Unofficial Final Table

The RG DeepStack 25K GTD Unofficial Final Table has been reached with the elimination of Kevin Reece. Players are guaranteed a $1,029 pay day as the climb to $14,512 for first continues.

Kevin Reece

Here are updated chip counts:

Mike Rieck 26 1 480,000
Eric Bunch 26 2 1,425,000
Daniel Lowery 26 3 940,000
Chris Conrad 26 4 785,000
Bryant Lipscomb 26 5 315,000
Matt Sherwood 26 6 265,000
Carson Parker 26 7 805,000
Randy James 26 8 485,000
Chan Pelton 26 9 405,000
Greg Helton 26 10 875,000


RG DeepStack 25K GTD Recent Eliminations

The tournament felt found victims as we push through Level 20 (3K Ante 10K SB/ 20K BB). Eleven players remain vying for the RG DeepStack Title.

Recent Eliminations in no particular order:

Greg Jennings
Mike Montgomery
Taylor Scott
Matt Ellis
JD Akins
Steve Latham
Randell Summers